e-News 11/8/2019

E-news 11-8-2019
Control Room Gets Makeover for Enhanced Operating
We are remodeling the control room used for video programs and live Sabbath service broadcasting. The renovation will give our faithful volunteer technicians better ease and efficiency in operating the many electronics packed into the small space. Along with these improvements we plan to resume producing Discover the Truth programs and create more videos for 24-hour broadcasting on the YRM Network. Stay tuned for exciting news in future reports.

Last Days Revival in Progress
As the world sinks deeper into secularism we see a corresponding rise of interest in the Truth coming from nominal worship. An online blog reported that an Assembly of God pastor said most of his congregation began keeping the Sabbath and Feasts. “Apparently there are a number of AoG congregations that have begun to take all of G-d’s Word seriously,” the blog noted, including 100 Southern Baptist missionaries who “walk as Messiah did, keeping Sabbath, eating clean and keeping Feasts,” including several pastors who made the switch in the last year. Now if they would just complete their calling and worship in Yahweh’s personal Name!
Who was Moses’ undertaker?

A. Aaron

B. Yahweh

C. Michael the archangel

D. High priest

The death and burial of Moses is unique in Scripture. Because of his sin at the waters of Meribah Kadesh, Moses was allowed only to gaze at the Promised Land but could not enter it, Numbers 20:12. There on Mt. Nebo he died and Yahweh buried him somewhere in a secret location in a valley of Moab, Deuteronomy 34:5-6. Because of Israel’s penchant for idolatry, this was probably to keep them from making his gravesite a shrine. Curiously, Satan disputed with the archangel Michael over the body of Moses, Jude 1:9. Speculation swirls over the nature of the contention. The context indicates that Satan may have been accusing Moses, saying that because of sin Moses did not deserve a kingdom position, let alone to enter the Canaan. Satan is the accuser of the brethren, Rev. 12:10. But Psalm 116:15 says, “Precious in the sight of Yahweh is the death of his saints.”

Answer: B

E-news 11/1/2019

E-news 11-1-2019
A Pivotal Key to Truth
Two of the most profound themes running through both testaments are the twin metaphors of firstfruits and firstborn. They speak to many key truths and guide us in understanding Yahweh’s design for this world and salvation. Firstfruits and the firstborn are instrumental in: family inheritances in both Old and New testaments, the biblical calendar and Feast days, Yahshua’s parables, and salvational rewards, to name some of the ways they impact truth. We are working on a booklet and possible Discover the Truth program digging deep into this commonly overlooked teaching that Yahweh gave us to explain His plan and purpose for His people. Your eyes will open to a new and greater understanding when you realize the significance of firstfruits in your walk in Truth and your salvation.
Ed Hayes Passes at 87
With sadness we report that Bro. Ed Hayes of Lincoln, Arkansas, passed away October 30. He was
 a long-time Sacred Name believer and teacher in northern Arkansas. He leaves his wife Flora, four children and a brother. More information and funeral time can be
 found Here>>

Turn Clocks Back One Hour
Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday. Enjoy an extra hour of sleep!

What is missing from the Apostle’s Paul’s salutations in his letters to the different assemblies?

A. Reference to the Holy Spirit
B. Yahweh’s Name
C. Yahshua’s Name
D. None of the above

Not once does Paul refer to the Holy Spirit in his salutations to the different assemblies. As noted in the Restoration Study Bible (1Thess. 1:1), “It is common for salutations in the NT to include the Father and Son. Not once, however, is the Holy Spirit mentioned in conjunction with the Father and Son….” This conscious exclusion offers additional verification that the Holy Spirit is not part of a triune majesty, but is the ruach power of our Father and His Son.

Answer: A

e-News 10/25/19

e-News 10/25/19

September-October Magazine in the Mail
The September-October Restoration Times (RT) was mailed this week. The issue examines the fascinating subject of angels in a first of a two-part article revealing where they came from, what they look like, their nature, what they do, and what they know. This latest issue also covers five principles of effective Bible study, the origin of Halloween, and a sneak preview of the new and improved Topical Reference for the Fourth edition of the Restoration Study Bible. As with virtually all of our literature, you can read this RT issue online at: https://yrm.org/restoration-times-sept-oct-2019/

Restoration Study Bible Nearing Final Production Phases
We are planning a mass review and proofreading of the Fourth Edition Restoration Study Bible. This new edition will have several expanded features and new covers to choose from. We also will have the outreach edition back in supply, which is always in high demand. Of all our outreach efforts and programs, the popular Bible has had a great impact on the Truth. Through the footnotes as well as utilizing Strong’s dictionaries at the back of the Bible, we have focused on clearing up many issues Bible students have typically had. Many of the questions we deal with weekly are answered in the RSB.

Who was known by Yahweh in the womb?
A. David
B. Jeremiah
C. Paul
D. All of the above

David (Ps. 71:6), Jeremiah (Jer. 1:5), John the Baptist (Luke 1:15), and Paul (Gal. 1:15) were all known by Yahweh in the womb. This confirms that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder.
Correct: D

Many find it easier to pray for forgiveness than to fight temptation.

Restoration Times Sept – Oct 2019

In this issue of the Restoration Times we cover:

• The Angelic­­­­­ Realm, Part 1

• Your Devotion Reflects Your Heart

• Principles of Effective Bible Study

• Samhain and the Origins of Halloween

• RSB Topical Reference Preview

• Q & A

• Letters

Read on Issuu.com

e-News 10/18/2019

New ‘Memories’ Video of the Feast of Tabernacles 2019
We have now posted video comments from some Feast attendees at the Holts Summit Feast of Tabernacles 2019. Impressions of those who came are inspiring and we pray will motivate others to make the commitment to Yahweh by observing His commanded Feasts. Vacationing with the brethren at Yahweh’s Feasts cannot compare with anything out in the world. As you enjoy the time of your life, take in the blessings that Yahweh has for you and your family. Discover eye-opening Truth that leads to salvation in a Kingdom-like atmosphere. Come and grow spiritually in the fellowship that can only be found among those of like faith. Check it out here>>

Unleavened Recipes Needed for 2020
With the Feasts of 2019 now past, we look forward to the Abib observances of 2020. Two of the sisters at Holts Summit have recognized the need for a booklet with good recipes for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. They have collected a few but need many more. If you have any you have used and found to be good, please send them in! The more they collect the better the recipe book will be. Postal mail or email them to: mail@yrm.org

What was the first infraction recorded in the Bible?

A – Touching of the forbidden fruit
B – Eating the forbidden fruit
C – Adding to the law
D – Nudity

In Eve’s conversation with the serpent, she declares that she was not allowed to touch the forbidden fruit (Gen 3:3). Yet no such command is recorded anywhere. Upon touching it, and seeing that nothing bad happen, she was likely emboldened to go the next step and eat it. It is not clear whether Eve created this command about touching the fruit, on the spot, or whether Adam instructed her in this way in order to put a hedge about the true command, which was simply to not eat of it (Gen 2:17). When people add to Yahweh’s law, it always creates false expectations and unseen consequences.

Answer: (C).

The wages of sin are always paid.

Unleavened Pancakes / Waffles Recipe

1⁄2 cup oil

3 eggs

1⁄4 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

1 cup milk

2 cups flour

1 tablespoon cinnamon (optional)

Measure oil into mixing bowl.

Add eggs and mix well.

Add sugar and salt.

Add milk and flour alternately.

Oil griddle or waffle iron well before using.

Bake until golden.

Apple Pancakes Recipe

1 1⁄2 cups sifted flour

1 cup milk

4 well beaten eggs

2 tablespoon butter or margarine

3⁄4 cup applesauce

Sift Flour.

Combine milk, eggs, butter/margarine and applesauce.

Add to flour.

Mix well.

Drop onto hot greased griddle.

Brown on both sides.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes Recipe

3 eggs, well beaten

2 tablespoons butter

1 cup dry cottage cheese

1⁄4 cup flour, sifted

1⁄4 teaspoon salt

Beat eggs well. Add cottage cheese, butter, flour and salt. Beat only until well blended.

Cook by tablespoons on a heated griddle.

Spread with tart Jelly.

Roll up.

Sprinkle with powered sugar.

Makes 12

Cream Puffs Recipe

1 cup boiling water

1 cup flour

½ cup butter (1 stick)

3 eggs, unbeaten

1/8 teaspoon salt

Add butter and salt to boiling water and stir over medium heat until butter is melted and mixture boils again.

Add the flour, all at once, and stir vigorously until the mixture leaves the sides of the pot.

Remove from heat and let cool for about 20 minutes – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Transfer cooled mixture to a large mixing bowl. With an electric mixer, beat in one egg at a time, beating thoroughly after each addition.

Using a tablespoon, place dollops on an ungreased cookie sheet – you should have about 14 or 15 cream puffs.

Place the cookie sheet in the center of a preheated 450 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Without removing the cream puffs, turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 20 minutes.

Remove from oven and transfer puffs to a rack to cool. Cool thoroughly!

When the puffs are completely cooled, cut the top off of each puff and fill with vanilla pudding.

Frost the top with fudge frosting. You can change fillings or toppings of your choice.

It’s really good with chicken salad.

Flaky Pineapple Squares Recipe

4 cups flour

1 cup sour cream

3 cups drained pineapple

3 tablespoons cornstarch

1 pound butter or margarine Vanilla

1 cup sugar or 3⁄4 cup honey

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Cut shortening into flour, add sour cream and vanilla.

Refrigerate 2 hours.

Cook pineapple, sugar/honey, and cornstarch until thick and clear.

Let cool.

Roll out half of dough and put in jelly roll pan. Spread cool filling over dough and cover with remaining dough.

Bake until brown.

Can be topped with powered sugar, if desired.