What Is Our History?

Andrew N. Dugger

Andrew N. Dugger

In the Beginning
Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry arose from what has been traditionally called the Sacred Name Movement. This movement traces back to Clarence O. Dodd in 1937. Dodd (1899-1955) did not originate the Sacred Name doctrine, however. Its exact origin is unknown, and appeared long before his time. Some have traced the Sacred Name movement back to the Waldenses of the 12th century and even further back to remnants of the early New Testament assembly. A few books have been written on the subject. Dodd crystalized the movement, however, making it a major force among Sabbath (Saturday) keeping organizations. A solidifying influence was The Faith magazine that Dodd began in 1937 and which continues as an organ of the Assembly of Yahweh in Holt Michigan. In the Encyclopedia of American Religions scholar J. Gordon Melton wrote of the magazine, “No single force in spreading the Sacred Name movement was as important as The Faith magazine.”

Dodd became independent mainly over the issue of the Feast Days of Leviticus 23. He believed these days should be kept, while the majority of the Church of God, Seventh Day to which he belonged, disagreed. Dodd later came to believe in the Sacred Name doctrine, which means a belief in the exclusive use of the original Hebrew names for the Supreme Beings (Yahweh and Yahshua the Messiah).

In 1968 Dodd and Andrew Dugger (1886-1975) published the book, A History of The True Religion. This book traced Sabbath keeping and the Faith back through the Waldensians of medieval Europe and various other groups to the 1st century. They recounted that a November 4, 1933, meeting was set to reorganize the Church of God, Seventh Day. Some 10,000 were invited to Salem, West Virginia. Names were drawn by lot for 12 and then for 70 elders. Included among the 70 were Dodd and Herbert W. Armstrong, who later founded what became the Worldwide Church of God.

An October 1939 issue of The Faith included a report of the Feast of Tabernacles in Eugene, Oregon, held by “Elder H.W. Armstrong, a pioneer in this great truth.” Elder Angelo B. Traina restored the Sacred Names to the King James Bible in 1963. Both Elders Dodd and Traina are remembered for their efforts in reestablishing the correct Names and teaching Bible truth. Herbert Armstrong and his Worldwide Church of God chose to keep the generic titles for Yahweh’s Name as well as the Latinized-Greek form for the Savior’s true Hebrew Name Yahshua.

Elder Donald Mansager

It all Began with a Sinking House
Elder Donald Mansager (1924-2012), originally a Lutheran, thought all was well in his life. He had a loving wife, a healthy family, and a great job. Little did he know that Yahweh was about to move him – literally. Elder Donald put everything he had into building his dream house. But the satisfaction he derived from his new house soon evaporated when the house’s foundation, built on fill dirt, began to sink. The whole house threatened to slide down a hill toward a river, with his hopes, dreams, and life savings going with it. After consulting a contractor there was only one solution: the house had to be relocated.

Now it wasn’t just the house that needed to be moved but also his faith. Yahweh used this trial to redirect Elder Donald’s priorities in his life. Rather than give up, he delved more into scripture. An auspicious thing happened next. Once he started poring over the Bible he realized that his church was not teaching what the Bible taught. So he started searching for more truth. For a time he studied with the Worldwide Church of God in the 1960s but never became a member. He proved that the Sabbaths and Feasts were necessary for the Truth seeker. His interest was now in full active mode.

One day he heard a man on the radio with a strong German accent explaining the Sacred Name Yahweh and how it was wrongfully removed from the Bible and history. This radio minister was Jacob Meyer. Elder Donald would became an evangelist in Elder Meyer’s organization, and for eight years traveled thousands of miles throughout North America, the Philippines, and India to bring Yahweh’s Truth to the willing ear.

An issue with the increasing authoritarian way that the group was governed led him to resign and purchase with a couple elders a run-down KOA campground in Rocheport, Missouri. There he founded a new organization, building the Body of Messiah for 10 years. He ultimately left that organization as a result of infidelities among elders. He then started what was to be called Yahweh’s New Covenant Assembly. His son Alan edited and printed in his garage the ministry’s magazine and literature for the new group. YNCA eventually distributed cassette tape recordings of their sermons and Alan’s son Ryan produced videos of the new program, “Back to the Truth.”

Aerial view of the YRM campus in 2019

YRM begins
In 1998 Elder Alan (who had worked in the field of publications for several Sacred Name organizations since the 1970’s) believed that the practice of divorce and remarriage disqualified leaders (1Tim. 3, Titus 1). So he left the organization he helped start with his father. As an ordained Minister he was content with just ministry work from his home and spreading the truth online under the name Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry (YRM) www.yrm.org. His son-in-law Randy Folliard also gave messages and wrote articles and was eventually ordained an elder. Ryan designed a website for the new organization as well as created an audio-video outreach. At first they were keeping the festivals with just close friends and family. But the numbers of those wanting to help kept increasing. For 17 years YRM went to group camps for feasts ranging from California to Tennessee, and holding Sabbaths in homes and library meeting rooms. Elder Randy spent countless hours searching the nation for suitable camps for the Feast of Tabernacles. Constant growth created a need for permanent worship facilities and around 2005 YRM purchased a few acres near Holts Summit, Missouri, and built a 3,500 square foot meeting hall. This facility grew to 16,000 square feet, with an additional 11,000 square-foot event/activity center.

What Happened to Elder Don?
Yahweh in his mercy through a series of events brought Elder Donald in his later years to reunite with his son Alan and become a part of Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry where he delivered an occasional message. Elder Donald is now asleep in Yahshua awaiting the resurrection.

Hebrew Roots Before It Was Cool
The modern Hebrew Roots movement which began in the 1990s was no doubt influenced by the teachings of the Sacred Name Movement, which was the only movement in existence teaching the Feasts, Sabbaths and Sacred Names. The Sacred Name movement has always endeavored to return to the Torah and Hebraic worship of the Messiah. The Sabbath, Feast days, biblically clean foods, shofars, menorahs, Hebrew-centered songs and an emphasis on Hebraic New Testament sources has always been a staple in the Sacred Name Movement.

Roots of the Hebrew Roots
The first Messianic/Hebrew Roots organization began in the 1970s as the Jews for Jesus movement. This movement started when Moishe Rosen, who was ethnically Jewish, converted to Christianity and became a Baptist minister. It’s hard to connect this movement with the modern Hebrew roots movement, however, all seem too loosely fall under the same umbrella. A few teachers that many recognize today are familiar faces to those who attended some Sacred Name assemblies in the ‘80s and ‘90s. With the advent of the internet, and ease of communication, groups started springing up all over the world that had no ties to our movement. Many in our movement rejoiced to see people leaving the Church for Torah. But it soon was clear that these Messianic groups still held to some Christian doctrines we had disproved decades ago. It seems that after many of these teachers broke away from the church they quickly started congregations and organizations that evolved over time and so did their doctrines. It is interesting to note that predominately these break aways are from the Assembly of God Church, many believe in oneness, charismatic displays, child baptism, etc., along with Feast keeping, Sabbaths and Torah, thus muddying the waters for those who desire to get back to the true faith of Abraham. Mixing the common titles with the sacred Names and bringing in Jewish traditions, you have a real recipe for confusion. Many push unscholarly forms of the sacred Names and sadly we see a mixed bag of not only false doctrines but several mispronunciations that didn’t exist 30 years ago. It seems much of this confusion is a lack of understanding in Biblical Hebrew, ironic, since so many have taken on the name “Hebrew Roots.” Many teach their own forms of biblical Hebrew with a mixture of modern Hebrew. Interpreting Hebrew letters as objects to decipher scripture is nothing more than junk Hebrew, especially since scholarship is not in uniformity on what these characters originally represent. Bias and a lack of technical understanding of the language has led to much bad doctrine. The charismatic emotional experience of “being Hebrew” takes precedence over biblical scholarship. Bizarre forms of the Sacred Name draw the accusation from the misinformed that we (Sacred Name believers) don’t even agree on the sacred Names ourselves. Because people lump us all into the same movement, guilt by association has caused much confusion. The fact is, the predominant Sacred Name assemblies hold to the Sacred Names Yahweh and Yahshua, and this has been the case for decades. So are we Hebrew roots? Yes and no, the Sacred Name Movement was the “original” Hebrew Roots Movement, the precursor to the “modern” Hebrew Roots movement but this modern-movement still has a long way to go before we consider ourselves in solidarity with it. We pray many of these congregations will remove traditional baggage to come to the true Hebraic Roots of the Messiah. If you are coming out of the church for Torah we caution you to “prove all things and all traditions.” Don’t follow your emotion but follow the Word. Just because something appears to be Jewish doesn’t mean its correct. We should remove traditions in both Christianity and Judaism.

What Denomination Are You and What Do You Call Yourselves?
We are non-denominational and strive to return as closely as possible to the original Faith of the Messiah. You could say we fall somewhere between Judaism and Christianity, removing tradition and pagan influence in both faiths and retaining some truth still found in each. For those who need a label we are the “Faith of Abraham.” We accept the prophesied Messiah as we adhere to Yahweh’s standards and way of life ordained for His people from the beginning. We analyze our doctrines regularly and will (and have) changed doctrines in light of new truths.

Alan and Randy with Discover the Truth TV Program

Where We Are Going
As many who follow us know, we are a very outreach-oriented ministry. We have always used media, whether in print form, video, or television to further the work. Starting assemblies is difficult and takes years of work and sacrifice, but we have also let Yahweh lead us as we listened to his direction. He gives the increase not from our own efforts. We decided early on we will not water down his Word for the sake of numbers. He gives and takes away and all of it is His will. We are just servants for Truth.

Through the blessings of our supporters Yahweh has led us on an amazing journey. We were on national network television for a time. The Discover the Truth program was seen by up to 50,000 viewers per telecast, per station airing on several networks, like SkyAngel, Trinity Broadcast Network, The CW, Superstation WGN, and others, multiple times a week. We had the great honor to record programs and videos from the Holy Land that have been seen by millions. He has led us to publish the world’s only Sacred Name Study Bible, purchased by tens of thousands. We try to fulfill what Yahweh leads us to do and at the same time realize that all our accomplishments are His.

We will continue to preach the truth of Yahweh in this declining world until we are unable. We are waiting for Him to give us the next big challenge, whatever that may be. If that opportunity never comes we are content to continue to hold the line for Truth as these humble stones cry out. We will always revere, preach, and defend the great Name of Yahweh and His son Yahshua until His return.

2021 Year in Review

Greetings Brethren and Faithful Supporters in the Name of Yahweh,

We pray this report finds you immersed in Yahweh’s blessings. We thank you from the depths of our hearts for your dedication and help in reaching the masses with the great Truths Yahweh has shown us. Our command and desire is to teach His Word to all who will hear, Mark 16:15.

This has been an exceptional year of progress and growth at Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry. Numerous baptisms before, during, and after each of His Feasts attest to the power of His Word in these trying times. We are seeing new visitors to services each Sabbath, which underscores the urgency for the planned expansion of the meeting hall. Sabbaths have begun to look like Feasts as our facilities fill to capacity most weeks.

Following are brief highlights of this past year’s progress and successes:

• An order to reprint the Restoration Study Bible was placed recently. Our initial supply of 10,000 Bibles of the fourth edition is down to fewer than a third, which will likely be depleted by early summer. With uncertainties in the global supply chain, we needed to get a jump on replenishing our stock while we can. We’ve ordered 10,000 more Bibles. The RSB is printed in Eastern Europe at substantial savings, which we pass along to those who place an order.

• The website yrm.org was given a new look that we believe will make it easier to navigate while increasing its effectiveness. Google recently canceled our advertising account because of policy changes over religious advertising (saving us $2,000 monthly), yet our outreach has not been substantially affected. For example, The Lost Temple Mount video Watch it here has received 1.7 million views on YouTube, which increases daily. The digital media outreach is growing as well.

• Our livestreaming continues growing on various platforms. Over 300 devices tune in live each Sabbath while hundreds more watch later each Sabbath on our website, Youtube, and Facebook.

• Our mobile app to date has seen 31,300 downloads, where users access YRM videos, live services, publications, the Restoration Times magazine, biblical articles, the holy day calendar, new moon network, and much more. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to download the app and have all of this at your fingertips no matter where you are.

• YRM is a full-service ministry and to that end we have introduced several new programs and activities to aid the local brethren in spiritual growth and strengthening of the bond of fellowship. Because of prior emphasis on outreach, we had not done as much as we could to feed the local Body. These new endeavors include a new youth group to minister to the youth and provide fun activities to engage our youth. Other innovations include: men’s and women’s group outings; senior luncheons; and enrichment of monthly new moon celebrations to include educational and other enjoyable activities.

• We are looking for volunteers to be of service to the community to fulfill the command to do good unto all men, Galatians 6:10. Local YRM volunteers have begun serving at food banks, nursing homes and other venues to aid the disadvantaged.

• For the busy individual who has limited time to watch lengthy studies, we have introduced a new video series with Elder Randy Folliard, called Menorah Minute. This program is available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel and can be watched whenever you have a minute.

A great deal is being done at YRM to take the Truth to the world, but much more remains undone. We pray that you will continue standing with us as we reach out to a world that sorely needs to know Yahweh and His Word. Yahshua is soon returning, and we all must be ready and work hard while we can for His sake. Thank you again for your prayers and help, which make these humble efforts possible.

In Yahshua’s Love,

Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry

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Studio Photos

Discover The Truth TV

Alan Mansager

Host Alan Mansager has been active in the Word since 1978 and an ordained minister for over 25 years. He had a key role in the founding three ministries and was the editor of three Bible-teaching periodicals. He has been a television host for over 20 years. His passion is Bible exegesis. He has been happily married to his wife Margie for over 40 years.

Randy Folliard

Host Randy Folliard has been active in the ministry since the late 90's. He was one of the founding ministers of Yahweh's Restoration Ministry. His greatest accomplishments include his love for scripture and his wife and two daughters. His approach to the Bible is often literal with an endless desire to gain greater insight and understanding.

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Restoration Times Nov – Dec 2021

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Electric Line Relocation Fund

YRM is continually growing and we have reached a point where for any more future growth we need to do some work! As those who come for holy days and Feasts know, we are experiencing an incredible shrinking meeting hall. To expand our worship area the first necessity to tackle is relocating the electric lines that serve the building. As of now, the lines are encroaching on the easement and they must be moved to make room for the building enlargement, or to even to be up to code. We’d rather not have to do this step, but it is necessary and we need your help.

The cost estimate for the relocation is $15,000. This will allow us to start planning the construction that will accommodate many more attendees for  worship and fellowship. Please give what you can as soon as you can. May Yahweh bless you richly!

Below is an email correspondence between YRM and the electric company.

You may have noticed the $12,500 price quote in the above email. That figure does NOT include the cost of hiring a trencher to trench out the path for the new line.

If you want to help us tackle this monumental task, feel free to donate. Simply click the button below. Thank you and Yahweh bless!

Olimometer 2.52

Meet the Team

We are blessed to have such a great and dedicated team here at YRM. These folks are the main drive behind the day-to-day operations here at the ministry.

Alan Mansager

Alan Mansager has been in this movement for over 50 years. His first Feast of Tabernacles was in 1968. He has been a minister for over 30 years and has helped start multiple ministries. He founded YRM in 1999 starting in his house with the help of Randy and Ryan. His passion is Journalism and writing and has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Kansas. He has worked in newspaper and radio but his real love is using his gifts for Yahweh. He has been a Television host for 30 years. He started the Discover the Truth TV program which was seen nationally on Superstation WGN, TBN, CW and SkyAngel amongst others. He has been happily married to his wife Margie since 1975 and has two children Ryan and Jennifer.

Randy Folliard

Randy has a passion for scripture and teaching. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Columbia College and has credentials in Project Management, which he loves not only doing but teaching. Randy helped found YRM in 1999 and has written many articles and literature throughout the years. Randy was a Host on the Discover the Truth television program for several years which aired on Superstation WGN, TBN, The CW and SkyAngel amongst others. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and they have two children.

Ryan Mansager
Media Dept. / Office Manager

Ryan has worked in broadcast television and media for over 26 years. He was employed in News and Production for CBS. He also has worked with CTN and JCTV. His major is in Broadcast Journalism. Ryan helped YRM from the beginning with video/media, graphic design, website, publications, and now works full-time for the ministry. He enjoys Biblical Hebrew in his spare time, along with history and archaeology. Ryan helped found YRM in 1999. He has also been a part of the YRM worship team for over 15 years, playing drums and guitar. He is married to Jessica Mansager and they have 5 children.



Jason Sanchez
Worship Leader
Jason Sanchez is a multi-instrumentalist. He serves as YRM's worship leader. Jason graduated with an Associate of Arts for Music Theory and Musical history. Jason has a heart for worship and skillful performance for our congregation, and loves edifying the brethren through the talents the Father has given him.
Lucas Cecil
Social Media Dept.

Lucas has been with YRM since 2016 and has worked with various ministries across the state of Missouri. Lucas runs the online / social media side of the ministry. If you have ever left a comment on YouTube, Facebook or yrm.org you have likely gotten a response from Lucas. He enjoys spending time with his wife Abbie and his son Graeme. He also likes playing Music and studying his bible. Leave a comment sometime, He loves talking with Yahweh's people!

Debbie Wirl
Admin Asst / Shipping / Copy Editor
Dreama Simmons
Custodian / Reception

FOT 2021 Photo Gallery

Check out this years Feast of Tabernacles photos! It was such a blessing to have you all with us! Yahweh be with you all until we see you again in the spring.

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