Projected 2024 Calendar

Early Dates
Passover Memorial: March 24 (evening)*
Feast of Unleavened Bread: March 26-April 1*
Feast of Weeks: May 12
Feast of Trumpets: September 5
Day of Atonement: September 14
Feast of Tabernacles: September 19-25
Last Great Day: September 26

Late Dates
Passover Memorial: April 22 (evening)
Feast of Unleavened Bread: April 24-30
Feast of Weeks: June 16
Feast of Trumpets: October 5
Day of Atonement: October 14
Feast of Tabernacles: October 19-25
Last Great Day: October 26

* Remote chance to be observed a day earlier.

The two sets of dates above is due to the Bible’s mandate to commence the first biblical month with barley. This initial month, known as Abib, signifies young ears of grain and is tied to the growth of barley in the land of Israel. The determination of which date set to follow depends on the barley’s growth in Israel and an update will be provided before the March new moon.  For additional information, please see our booklet: The Biblical Calendar.

For more information on the upcoming new moons for 2024, please see the New Moon Network page.
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JoAnn Meloni-Moy
JoAnn Meloni-Moy
9 days ago

Do you offer Biblical calendar with daily scripture reading ?