Can women preach?

q In 1Corinthians 14:34-35, wasn’t this translated from the old language and means for the women not to be “chattering” in church rather than a prohibition on women ministers? This is what many churches teach today.


First Corinthians 14:35 holds the key: If women are to learn, they are to aask their husbands at home, not be formally taught the Word by a woman preacher. Paul specifically said in 1Timothy 2:12 that a woman is not to teach a man. The fact that all priests were men, and all the apostles and writers of the New Testament as well, lends support to what Paul instructed the young Timothy. In the qualifications for the office of minister in1Timothy 3:2, Paul said that an individual had to be the husband of one wife. This automatically disqualifies women.

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