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Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise Early in the morning and when the evening comes, little birds outside my window lift their little …
Blessed by Yahweh

I Am Yet Blessed

Throughout my spiritual walk, I believe that Yahweh has always been watching over me. Looking back on certain events in …
The Anticipation of The Bride...Part 1

The Anticipation of The Bride…Part 1

My love is a fragrant flower. As the dew moistens the grass, so are my lips moistened by his kisses. His …
Bible and love

My Love is Invaluable…Part 2

No amount of silver or gold can compare with him. His attributes are innumerable and unlimited. How can this be …


YAHWEH KNOWS Yahweh knows the details and the color of your soul He knows the misty corners and closets you …
A Good Cry

A Good Cry

A GOOD CRY Have you ever heard anyone say, “I had a good cry?” You may ask, “Whats good about crying?” …
Walking With Strength

Walking With Strength

When I look at all the young fathers and mothers in the Assembly, I can’t help realizing how blessed their …
Should believers eat meat?

Cows and Compassion (Should we eat meat?)

Cows and Compassion (Should we eat meat?) “Then Yahweh said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our like­ness, …
how to be frugal

Frugal Times

Frugal Times “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” During the Great Depression of the …
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