Feast of Tabernacles Preparation

Each year as the fiery days of summer begin to wane and thoughts enter into our minds of shorter days and cooler weather, a most wonderful event happens.  For eight complete days Yahweh commands us to leave our homes and live in temporary dwellings so that we can observe one of His pilgrim Feasts, the Feast of Tabernacles, along with the Last Great Day.

Symbolizing Yahweh’s millennial Kingdom and the “Great Beyond,” these days are important to Yahweh and therefore should be important to us as well.  While some may think this is an inconvenience and a hardship to disrupt their secular course of life for this short period of time, we who have kept these High Holy and interim days know otherwise:  it is indeed an enjoyable experience and truly a blessing.

Think of this as an opportunity to worship Yahweh, to get to know Him and His ways better, for eight days, without the encumbrance of this world.  It’s an occasion for fellowship, creating a bond of friendship and brotherhood with like-minded believers.  It is these friendships that help to bolster us when the winds of adversity blow our way and we struggle with the trials of this life. It’s a time to gain spiritual and emotional strength and fortitude in order to stay the course, especially through the dark days of winter until the next Feast, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, comes around in the spring.  Most importantly, though, Yahweh commands that we obediently observe these days, and so we should.

It’s still not too late to get prepared for this significant gathering.  At the very top of our priority list should be readying our hearts and minds to meet with Almighty Yahweh, as this is the ultimate reason for our attendance.

Concerning our temporal needs, below is a general list of items that you might find useful to scan through when packing. Of course, you’ll have to personalize your own list to suit your needs.  Since there is a generous mix of worship services and various indoor/outdoor activities throughout the Feast, you will need both dress clothes and casual attire.  Remember that autumn weather can be quite fickle at times, so be prepared for any type of weather and temperatures. Camping equipment and supplies will depend on the type of lodging in which you will be staying.

May you have a spiritually uplifting, joyful Feast of Tabernacles!

  •         Bedding

        – (sleeping bags, blankets, pillows)

  •         Towels / wash cloths
  •         Camp chairs
  •         Fluorescent lights
  •         Heater
  •         Tarps & ropes
  •         Personal care products
  •         Umbrellas
  •         First-aid kit
  •         Dress clothes

        – (ladies, remember your head coverings)

  •         Casual / sporty attire
  •         Rain boots
  •         Jackets
  •         Flashlights
  •         2nd tithe
  •         Bible / notebook
  •         Ice chestby: Debbie Wirl
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