Some are claiming that not a single Jew in Israel has even heard the name Yahweh. Is this true?

   Some are claiming that not a single Jew in Israel has even heard the name Yahweh. Can you ask Pastor Randy, seeing that he has traveled to Israel several times, if this is true?

   Hello this is Pastor Randy. The claim that not a single Jew would use or support the name Yahweh is completely false. In my travels to the Holy Land I have spoken to messianic pastors and Jews, including archaeologists and graduates from Hebrew University who support the name Yahweh.

In one case, a pastor who has lived in Israel for many years confirmed that he personally has been at the Wailing Wall on the Day of Atonement and had distinctly heard the Jews pronouncing “Yahweh” throughout the day. Also, in our last trip, I personally spoke with our archaeologist, who was also our guide, about the pronunciation of our Heavenly Father. While he himself would not pronounce it, he did confirm that “Yahweh” was the right pronunciation. He also stated that this is how his Yemenite wife would pronounce the Name and explained how Yemenite Hebrew is closer to biblical Hebrew with the use of the “waw” in place of the newer “vav.” This is because the Yemenite Jews never migrated into northern Europe and consequently were not impacted by Germanic influence.

For more info on Yahweh’s Name please check out or free booklet Your Fathers Name.

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