My Journey to Truth

This is my personal story about how I learned the truth.

I grew up going to church off and on: Baptist churches, Pentecostal churches, even a few Jehovah Witnesses meet­ings. My husband and I started going to a church faithfully for about a year, but it ended up being the same sermon over and over.

One day I started watching the program, “Discover the Truth” on TV. It would come on just as we were leaving to go to church on Sunday. We would watch “Discover the Truth” and then we would compare it to what was being taught at the church we attended. What we learned was not being taught at the church so we kept watching and tuning in to “Discover the Truth.” We found that things were not adding up.

We prayed to Yahweh to show us the truth and He did! We learned the Sacred Names, the true Sabbath day, the true Holy Days, and so much more. We decided to stop going to that church and we started doing our own research and watching the weekly Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry Sab­bath services online.

After a few months we made the decision to visit the ministry. Luckily we live very close, about 40 miles away. We loved it from the very beginning – being taught the truth is so wonder­ful. We believe Yahweh led us to YRM. We have been coming to the ministry for about a year now. We went to our first Feast of Tabernacles last fall and my husband and I were baptized in Yahshua’s name!

I hope reading about my special journey comes as blessing for someone.

by: Anissa Baird

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