What does it mean to be called by the Name of Yahweh as seen in 2 Chronicles 7:14?

2 chronicles 7:14     Kindly help me understand what it means to be called by the Name of Yahweh as seen in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that says “if my people who are called by my name…”

2 chronicles 7:14      Yahweh is more than a name. In addition to identifying the name of the Creator, it also identifies His people. This is similar to other religions. If you hear a person call upon Allah, you know he or she is a Muslim. If you hear someone call upon Vishnu, you know they are Hindu. If you hear them call upon Yahweh, you know they are a believer in the Mighty One of the Bible. The obvious difference between these examples is that Yahweh identifies as the one true Elohim, while Allah, Vishnu, and all other gods are imaginary.

While some say this does not include the actual calling or using of Yahweh’s name, the Bible disagrees. Scripture contains many examples showing that we are to call on His name. We are told to bless His name (Ps. 145:21), to call on His name (Ps. 80:18), to confess His name (2Chron. 6:24-25), to declare His name (Exodus 9:16), to exalt His name (Ps. 34:3), to glorify His name (Ps. 86:9, 12), to honor His name (Ps. 66:2), to magnify His name (2Sam. 7:26), to remember His name (Ex. 3:15), to sing to His name (Ps. 68:4), and to trust in His name (Isa. 50:10).  With so many references to His name, there should be no question as to its importance to proper worship and identification of His people.

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Steve Bush
Steve Bush
5 years ago

Great ministry.