Please explain your understanding of the Holy Spirit.

q    Please explain your understanding of the Holy Spirit.

aThe Holy Spirit in an extension of Yahweh’s power and not the third person of triune majesty. It should be noted that the Holy Spirit is never directly prayed to or addressed. Instead, Yahweh uses His Spirit to guide His people into His truth. Note the definition of the word ruach (Heb. for “spirit”): “The basic meaning of ruach is both ‘wind’ or ‘breath,’ but neither is understood as essence; rather it is the power encountered in the breath and the wind, whose whence and whither remains mysterious…2. ruach as a designation for the wind is necessarily something found in motion with the power to set other things in motion…The divine designation also apparently has an intensifying function in a few passages: ruach elohim (Gen 1:2) and ruach yhwh (Isa 59:19)” (Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament, “Ruach”). This lexicon also states that ruach implies a power that is within the breath and wind, which is connected to the Name YHWH or Yahweh.

 The Holy Spirit is the power emanating from Yahweh, the Heavenly Father. It can be further demonstrated through Scriptures that the Holy Spirit is not a separate being, but an inanimate power that proceeds from the Father. In Isaiah 32:15, 44:3, and Acts 2:17 the Holy Spirit is described as being poured. How can a being be “poured” into another? Titus 3:5-6 and Acts 2:33 testify that the spirit is shed. How can a being “shed” itself onto another? The Spirit is also described as something that can be stirred up, 2Tim. 1:6; quenched, 1Thes. 5:19, and renewed, 2Cor. 4:16. These attributes are far more fitting for a power than a person.

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