Scripture Numerics

Numbers play a large role in Scripture here are some meanings of some of those numbers.

One – Unity

Two – Difference

Three –Completeness

Four – Creative Works

Five – Divine Grace

Six – Human Number

Seven –Spiritual Perfection

Eight – Resurrection, regeneration

Nine – Finality of Judgment

Ten – Ordinal Perfection

Eleven – Disorder, Disorganization

Twelve – Government Perfection

Thirteen – Rebellion, Apostasy, Defection, Disintegration, Revolution

Seventeen –Denotes a combination of Spirit and Order

Twenty-Five – Grace Intensified

Twenty-Seven – Divinity Intensified

Twenty-Eight – Spiritual Perfection (in connection with the earth)

Twenty-Nine – Intensifying of Divine Judgment

Thirty – Divine Perfection (applied to order)

Forty – Divine Order (applied to earthly things)

Fifty – Jubilee or Deliverance

Seventy – Signifies Perfect Spiritual Order

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