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Should I work on the Sabbath?

Q.   I have a good chance to get work as a bus driver. But the problem is I will have to work on the Sabbath also. Should I take the job or not? My wife is getting tired of seeing me without work and she is pushing me to take the job. For her the Sabbath is not a specific day. According to scripture it is right also to take care of the family. What do you think about this view on Shabbat? The time zones are not in Scripture. Therefore anyone who celebrates the Sabbath at any place other than in Jerusalem, his Sabbath is not official Temple time. And in the north pole, days are 6 months longs, so I don’t know how a person could keep the sabbath in either pole. Of course, if the International Date line was just moved over a little bit, then my Sunday would be a Saturday. Also if you pay close attention to Yahshua’s revelation about the Sabbath you’ll see that it is all focused on what a person does, not when.

A.   We’ll answer your points one at a time. Doing any work on the Sabbath violates the Fourth Commandment. We are each working out our own salvation and must never violate Yahweh’s commands in order to please someone. Relatives can pose some of the biggest tests of our faith. Blessings will come if you put Yahweh first. We are indeed commanded to provide for our families, but not at the cost of lawbreaking. We could justify bank robbery with that logic. The Sabbath comes to us when the sun sets at our location on earth. Being thousands of miles away from Jerusalem on his missionary journeys, Paul had to keep the Sabbath at sunset where he was and not when sunset came at Jerusalem. Keeping it when the sun sets in Jerusalem today means we would observe the Sabbath around noon on Friday, which would violate the Biblically mandated end and start of the day at sunset. Besides, there is no Temple and thus no “Temple time” today. Living at either pole presents problems and we must wonder whether Yahweh even intended man to live there, given the extreme weather conditions. We live and act in the context of time and cannot separate actions from when they were done. How else can you keep the Sabbath holy except through your activities? This clearly is a test to see whether you will do your own will or Yahweh’s. The Sabbath is indeed the test commandment both in entering the Truth and in staying in it. We have found through the years that the Sabbath is the first of Yahweh’s laws broken when someone backslides. Observing the weekly Sabbath is what keeps you strong in the faith and is the sign of the True Believer. We pray you will make the right decision of obedience. Know this, Yahweh may close one door but He always opens a far better one.

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