A Rabbi Said that Romans 14:5 permits any day for worship. Is this true?

Romans 14:5    Please help, I can now see clearly that we are to keep the 7th day Sabbath, blessed and set apart by Yahweh at creation and throughout scripture. The calendar was numbered. There is no way to confuse which day it is, Saturday. My husband relented and finally contacted a Rabbi in Louisville, KY. The Rabbi told him that according to Romans 14:5, we can now choose any day. However, Romans 14:5 is about food and fasting. Merging Jewish culture and traditions with gentiles. I cannot find anywhere in scripture that changes Yahweh’s command. Please help. I so appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Thank you and blessings to you.

    You are right, the Sabbath has never changed and should be observed from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Romans 14:5 is not speaking about the Sabbath but to days of fasting, which were not obligatory, but done on a voluntary basis. This is why Paul says it doesn’t matter which day we choose. Fasting is a personal choice and is not limited to any specific day. However, this is not true for the Sabbath. Yahweh hallowed the seventh day and scripturally this has never changed. Yahshua the Messiah and the apostles observed the Sabbath in the New Testament (e.g. Mark 2:23; Acts 15:21; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4) and everyone will observe it in the Millennial Kingdom, Isaiah 66:23. Sunday is not biblical but was adopted by the Roman church. For additional information, please see the below booklets:



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2 years ago

I just watched an awesome video on New Moon Days from YRM. If YRM acknowledges the New Moon is the beginning of the New Month, why does it hold Sabbaths on a Gregorian calendar instead of YHVH’s calendar??

Helen A
Helen A
Reply to  Joseph
11 months ago

I myself can’t come see the moon as having to do with the Sabbath since it wasn’t created on the first day of creation to be a marker for it.