What is YRM’s view on vaccines?

Hello. I was wondering what the bible says on YRM’s view on vaccinations? I’m going through a bit of a difficult time when it comes to withholding vaccines for my children. I’ve done a little research and many vaccines have animal blood, gelatin, and more in them, so I assumed we wouldn’t inject those inside us. Well, not only do I get tons of backlash from this, but I have to admit I’m a bit scared that I’m leaving my children vulnerable to certain diseases. I only messaged because it’s said that there is a measles outbreak and the reason is unvaccinated children. I just want to do what YHWH approves of and keep my children protected. What is your view? I appreciate your time, thank you.

There are two concerns with vaccines. The first involves the use of unclean ingredients, including gelatin. While gelatin can be produced from multiple sources, it is most often derived from swine. According to the Bible, the swine is unclean and the eating of its flesh is an abomination, Deuteronomy 14:8 and Isaiah 66:17. Some vaccines also contain aborted human fetal tissue. The use of such items is not only unclean, but morally unconscionable.

The second concern is vaccines’ toxicity. This is largely due to the use of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal. This neurotoxin has been linked to autism and other serious health conditions. In addition to thimerosal, there are other questionable ingredients, such as aluminum and formaldehyde.

For these reasons, YRM strongly cautions against the use of vaccines, especially those with unclean or lethal ingredients. We are glad to provide exemption letters to those who desire to opt out of immunizations on religious grounds. If you desire an exception letter opting out of vaccinations, you can contact the ministry by email at mail@yrm.orgor by mail at P.O. Box 463, Holts Summit, MO 65043. You can also call during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8-4, CT, at (573) 896-1000.

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