What is YRM’s position on the wearing of tassels or tzitzit?

     What is YRM’s position on the wearing of tassels or tzitzit?

     We do not teach for or against tassels or tzitzit; we leave this to personal conviction. The reason for this is that there is a reasonable debate on both sides.

Some who favor tassels will point out that’s it’s mentioned in the Torah and that they were worn by Yahshua the Messiah. Both of these points are scripturally valid, Numbers 15:38-39; Deuteronomy 22:12; Matthew 23:5.

Others who are not convicted will point out the origin of the command was in response to the Israelites deliberately breaking the Sabbath, which Scripture may support, Numbers 15:32-38. They also state that as the tassels were a reminder for the Israelites in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit serves as a reminder for believers in the New Testament, Luke 12:12; Romans 9:1; 1Corinthians 12:3; Hebrews 2:4.

For these reasons, we leave this command to the personal conviction of individual believers. We do not condemn or criticize those who choose to wear them or those who choose not to wear them.

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Benjamin Coen
Benjamin Coen
4 years ago

I wear a tzitzit bracelet. It is nice to look at my wrist and be reminded of YHWH’s Word and Promises! I think it goes along with the idea of posting the word on your door post, binding to your arm and forehead. It is a physical representation of a spiritual reality! Always keep the Word in front of you! Learn it! Live it! Love it!

3 years ago

Shalom everyone. I been following YRM’S for a while and actually was one the first sources of information that I found about Torah and Messiah and this ministry it has been a blessing in my life. It is sad for me the position from the ministry about tzit tzits. The scriptures are very clear about wearing tassels. Numbers 15:38,39 says throughout your generations. When generations became temporary? or when the scriptures mention that we don’t have to wear them because we have the holy spirit?. If our messiah being perfect and without need of reminders wore tassels is very obvious… Read more »