What do you call yourselves? Do you identify with a specific faith or denomination?

     What do you call yourselves? Do you identify with a specific faith or denomination? I share similar beliefs and have been referring to myself as a Messianic Jew, because I’m not sure what to call myself. However, I am finding that there are a lot of wrong beliefs within Messianic Judaism.


     The Bible does not provide a specific denomination or label for New Testament believers. Many in this walk use the term “Messianic” to describe their beliefs, which refers to a believer in Messiah. While there’s nothing wrong with this label, it is very broad and carries with it many different beliefs. Many within the Messianics mix Christianity and Judaism together and believe this is the truth. The problem, though, is that both Christianity and Judaism have added their own man-made traditions and deviated from Scripture. For this reason, YRM does not identify itself with either. We simply say that we’re followers of Yahshua.

If you don’t care for “Messianic” as a label, there are a few other terms you might consider: the Way (based on Acts 9:2 and 24:14); inward or spiritual Jew (based on Romans 2:28-29); Israel, spiritual Israel, or Israel of Yahweh (Galatians 6:16), saint (Revelation 14:12), Nazarene (based on Acts 24:5); However, as you might find, there are certainly undesirable connotations with these terms. Historically, the followers of Yahshua were probably simply viewed as another form of Judaism, similarly to Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, etc. It’s also important to note that as the church grew, it deviates from its Jewish or Hebraic foundation to a more Greco-Roman philosophy to appease its growing gentile base.

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I call myself a child of light. Seeker of truth, not demoninated to any religion. Religion equals division! There is no division in the body. Time to tear down walls, destroy organized cults called religious establishment and usher in the kingdom of Yah!

Robert ObadYah
Robert ObadYah

If Yahshua is the “way”. Should we not follow His way? He worshipped Yahweh. We should also worship Yahweh not Yahshua. If we then worship Yahweh, we would then be “Yahwists”… not Messianic, saints, or any of the other names in this conversation. 2 Chron. 7:14 and Isa. 43:7 can only mean “Yahwist”. I am a Yahwist. Telling others this, usually brings up a conversation, and hopefully plants seeds. I’m now curious to the reply of YRM and others.

Shannon Kettle

Dear YRM, I have been listening to your teaching for nearly a year and I love the way you take take each subject and make it easy to follow and understand. Thank you for the Love you have for our creator and king.


Max L. Ervin
Max L. Ervin

To Me, the best is simply A Believer. When people ask me if I am a Christian, I say no, I followed Jesus(Yahshua) out of Christianity. I believe in the bible he taught from and his death and resurrection