Night of Special Music 2012

All music performed by brethren offering up praises to Yahweh
during the Night of Special Music, Tabernacles 2012

  1. The Climb Faith, Naomi Holm
  2. Something Special in You Jennifer, Margie, Ryan, Joel, Clayton
  3. Amazing Grace Faith of our Fathers Caleb Hammond & Bagpipes
  4. Disciples Song YRM Kids
  5. The Son Poem by David Paxton
  6. Unity Song YRM Youth
  7. Ancient Words – Instrumental Joel, Ryan, Randy D
  8. Fires Randy Dimmett, Joel Wirl and Ryan Mansager
  9. Stand Up and Give Him the Praise Linda Cox and Lora
  10. Yahweh Yireh Naomi, Debbie, Patrica, Jessica, D’Naja, Melgen
  11. Wild Horses Naomi Holm
  12. Snow White Dove Nancy White and Naomi Holm
  13. Violin duet – Be Thou My Vision Joel Wirl and Jennifer Banato
  14. The Road I am Walking Margie Mansager
  15. Ancient Words Jose Gonzalez, Mike Banak
  16. The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn Caleb and Chad
  17. Come Up To This Mountain Banato Family with Ryan and Joel
  18. I Am Not Afraid Kelley Paxton
  19. Walk with Me Joshua and Cidy, Dorelle, Nancy, Janelle, Crystal and Kelly Stacey
  20. Mayim Crystal and Kelley
  21. 10,000 Reasons Mick and Megen with band
  22. Amazing Grace Kelley Paxton and Melgen Martin
  23. Grace Like Rain Ryan Mansager, Joel Wirl, Randy Dimmett, David and Jennifer Bonato
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Music Videos

Played and sung by fellow believers, these songs will lift your spirits and inspire your walk with Yahshua.

Jordans Rising

Jordans Rising is a music group consisting of several musicians and singers at Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry devoted to recording music using the Sacred names of Yahweh and Yahshua. Musical styles include contemporary worship, traditional worship, and bluegrass music. Jordans Rising is not a profit based music group but the members put forth their time and talents to uplift the body of Messiah through Sacred Name music.

Listen or use the form below to request a CD:

  1. Lets All Go Down to the River
  2. I See Yahweh
  3. Belshazzar
  4. Mighty Love
  5. Take Me In Your Lifeboat
  6. You Never Let Go
  7. Baruch El Shaddai
  8. Livin In the Rain
  9. Oh For A Thousand Tongues
  10. When I Wake Up
  11. Songs in the Night
  12. Here I Am
Jordan Rising Form

Night of Special Music