e-News 10/11/2019

Our memories of the Feast of Tabernacles 2019 (FOT) remain vivid, owing to the many blessings all the way around. Brethren and others came for the right reasons, to worship and serve Yahweh, which made all the difference.

Attendees came from all four ends of the U.S. in faithful obedience to Yahweh’s call to keep the seventh-month Feast. A great blessing was that our Feast facilities neared maximum capacity—a good problem to have! The most obvious need is an expansion of our parking areas. More than 65 vehicles at times vied for limited space, which we plan to remedy in the future. We also will add lights to our parking lot, which have been awaiting installation for several years.

Also included in the blessings were a total of 15 baptisms right before, during and immediately after the Feast. Those immersed traveled from their home states of Florida, California and Long Island, N.Y., to seek a new walk in Messiah. Eight of the newly immersed were welcomed into the Body at the Feast.

A popular new addition to the facility at Holts Summit was an amphitheater built by local brethren and begun only three weeks before Tabernacles. Complete with lights, sound system, ceiling fans, and two side storage rooms, it served well as a gathering for outdoor music, the Western Day, and movie night. At other times of the year it will be used as a garage for the ministry vehicle as well as storage, which we have needed for many years.

The commercial Hobart dishwasher was a real time saver for the ladies, who were happy to have had it ready for the Feast. The kitchen remodeling continues and we thank those who contributed toward this project.

Yet another addition for future Feasts is a used Snoopy bounce house just purchased locally. The little ones should have a great time bouncing off energy as Snoopy nods up and down with their movements.

We pray you will be making plans now to keep Yahweh’s commanded days in 2020. Don’t let the Adversary deter you. YRM itself was tested with numerous equipment breakdowns right after the Feast. We dealt with major failures of key electronic equipment, computers, plumbing leaks and an AC unit. But no matter how hard the test, Yahweh provided a way to resolve each problem. (A gifted sister in the faith worked diligently for days to restore the electronics, saving us many thousands of dollars.) He will do the same for you when you are tried, provided you don’t give in to the Evil One. Blessings in Yahweh.

Check out some of the photos from the 2019 Feast of Tabernacles  here>>



What did Yahshua mean when he stated in John 10:30, “I and my Father are one”?

A. One in person
B. One in goal
C. One in mind
D.Both B and C

In John 10:30, Yahshua referred to Himself and His Father as being one in mind and goal, not one in person. The Restoration Study Bible further explains, “By being ‘one,’ Yahshua refers to their singleness of mind and purpose. It is this same spiritual unification that all people can have with the Father in Messiah Yahshua. See John 17:21, where Yahshua speaks of this uniting of the faithful in their belief as one, but not as the same individual in physical form” (note on John 10:30).

Answer: D.

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