Evangelism Training

New Evangelism Training Program!

We are happy to announce a new push into evangelism headed by our very own Brother Michael Bishop. Brother Michael and his wife Meandy have worked very hard putting together a series of evangelism training videos to help you in your efforts. They cover all kinds of things like overcoming your anxiety when witnessing to people and dealing with fear. All of these can be found by using the following link. YRM Evangelism Program

On top of the incredible evangelism training videos, they also host one Zoom call a month for registered users. (Don’t worry, it is free!)

If this seems like something you would be interested in, please visit the following link and sign up. We can all be witnesses for Yahweh’s Kingdom! YRM Evangelism Program

To become a YRM outreach partner, CLICK HERE>> If you qualify, you will be sent a selection of our booklets to distribute in your community every month.

e-News 12/14/2020

Our Growing Outreach

Almighty Yahweh’s Word is reaching thousands through the outreach of YRM. Data show that our YouTube videos had 83,700 views in the last month. This reflects nearly 13,000 hours of watch time. YouTube is only one of our outreach platforms. We average 300 live views of our Sabbath services each week. Many more come when those messages are downloaded later from the website. We praise Yahweh for the ability to accomplish His work in the time we still have.


More Interest, More Baptisms

Yahweh Word does not return empty. We read in Isaiah 55:11: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Lately we have been blessed with numerous baptisms. Two were immersed a week ago and three more this past Sabbath. To impress on the necessity of baptism in the believer’s life, we are expanding our baptism booklet. It will answer the most common questions asked about immersion and why baptism is such an important step in your life.



I don’t understand the account of Yahshua and the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-11. As the scribes and Pharisees tempted Him with this “gotcha” situation, Yahshua challenged them with the statement, he who is without sin cast the first stone. Who isn’t without sin because all have sinned, Romans 5:12. How can justice be possible in that case?

  1. Yahshua was trying to shock them to make a point.
  2. When He wrote on the ground Yahshua was naming names of those accusers who had committed the same sin of adultery.
  3. The authenticity of the story is questionable and not in the early text.
  4. The account was added to later manuscripts of John

The Restoration Study Bible carries the following footnote on this passage: “The genuineness of this passage is in question. The following maintain that this entire pericope is missing from the early manuscripts: NRSV Harper Collins Study Bible: NIV Study Bible: Aramaic English New Testament: The King James Study Bible. The Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary reads. “It is wanting in the four oldest manuscript-the newly-discovered Codex Sinaiticus (‘Aleph’), the Alexandrian Codex (A). the Codex Vaticanus (B). and the Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus (C) – and in four other valuable Uncial manuscript, although two of these have a blank space, as if something had been left out: it is wanting also in upwards of 50 Cursive manuscript: of ancient versions, it is wanting in the venerable Peshito Syriac and its Philoxenian revision, in one and probably both the Egyptian versions-the Thebaic and Memphitic-the Gothic, probably the Armenian, and two or three copies of the Old Latin: several of the fathers take no notice of it-as Origen, Tertullian, Cyprian, Cyril, Chrysostom: it is wanting in the most ancient tables of the sectional contents of the Gospels, though afterward inserted as an additional section: the variations in the manuscript which insert it exceed in number and extent those in any other part of the New Testament: and of those manuscript which insert it, four Uncials and upwards of fifty Cursives have an asterisk or other critical mark attached to it. as subject to doubt or requiring investigation.” Some scholars speculate that it may well be an authentic report of something Yahshua did that was woven into John’s evangel at some later time. Answer: Each answer has some merit.

e-News 12/4/2020

Interest Culminates in Immersions
With half the world in shutdown, YRM continues unfazed and going forward full speed with the inspired Word. We put our faith and trust in Almighty Yahweh in all things, knowing He will hold each of us accountable for our commitment to Him, or lack thereof. He continues to bless this work of restoring Truth. Responses to our many avenues of outreach continue unabated.  If all goes as planned, we anticipate two more immersions this Sabbath. That brings the number of recent baptisms to 11, starting with those performed at Tabernacles in October.
Bundles of Joy at Holts Summit
We happily report two births at YRM since our last eNews. Abigail Cecil gave birth to Graeme Alexander on November 14. The healthy baby boy has daddy Lucas still on cloud nine. Danielle and Ian Frochtzweig report their new baby girl, Selah Isabell, was born into the world November 23.  We praise Yahweh for these healthy newborns and for His blessings on these families.
Feast 2021 Projections
The holy day dates we have projected for the 2021 Feasts won’t be confirmed until spring with the sighting of the Abib barley. There is a slight possibility the Feasts will be a month later. The 2021 projections are at: https://yrm.org/2021-feast-dates/
The following are the projected 2021 Feast dates if Abib is spotted early
Passover Memorial: March 27 (evening)
Feast of Unleavened Bread: March 29 – April 4
Feast of Weeks: May 23
Feast of Trumpets: September 8
Day of Atonement: September 17
Feast of Tabernacles: September 22-28
Last Great Day: September 29
While the above dates are predicted to be correct, there is a slight chance that Abib will fall later. In that case, the following dates will be used:
*Later 2021 Dates  (slight possibility for confirmation)
Abib: April 12th
Passover: April 25th (Evening)
FUB: April 27th – May 3rd
Feast of Weeks: June 20th
Trumpets: Oct 8th
Atonement: Oct 17th
Tabernacles: October 22rd – 28th
Last Great Day: Oct 29th
Which Old Testament prophet objected to a king’s disastrous treaty with an enemy, giving one of his sons the longest name in the Bible?
A.     Isaiah
B.     Ezekiel
C.     Daniel
D.     Amos
Faced with the threat of invasion by the combined forces of Israel and Syria, King Ahaz of Judah decided to make a treaty with Assyria. The prophet Isaiah objected and, in an unsuccessful attempt to convince Ahaz to trust Yahweh, gave the symbolic name Maher-shalal-hash-baz (incidentally, this longest biblical name means “the spoil speeds, the prey hastes”) to his own second or third son before the child’s conception. The treaty would be unnecessary, the name indicated, because the threat would soon end; Israel and Syria would be defeated and plundered before the prophet’s child learned to talk. And, indeed, Assyria crushed both of Judah’s northern neighbors in the Syro-Ephraimite War of 734 to732 BCE. Answer: A

e-News 11/13/2020

Presentation Computer Upgrade
For many years, we have been getting by with a home-grade computer to process our slides and other presentations for the overhead screen on Sabbaths. Thanks to a donation from a brother, who covered half of the purchase of a professional system, we will have the proper equipment to render the right results. The balance of the purchase is about $1500. If you would like to help with the cost, we would be very grateful. Donate Here>>

Clarification of a Previous e-News Report
Regarding our previous e-News on COVID and the Feast of Tabernacles, we want to clarify that there were several cases of COVID and other sicknesses reported from the Feast (most reports came after the Feast). To our knowledge, everyone has recovered. Praise Yahweh for a great Feast of Tabernacles and for restoring the brethren back to health.

2021 Feast Dates are Up!
The projected dates for the 2021 Feast days are available from yrm.org! Click here>>

How much of the New Testament originates in the Old Testament?
A. 25 percent
B. 60 percent
C. 80 percent
D. 100 percent
There are 1,600 quotations, references, and allusions linking the New Testament with the Old. The importance of the Old Testament in the teachings of the New is clearly undeniable. Answer: C

e-News 11/7/2020

Baptisms Abounding

We had six immersions in the past month, including Feast baptisms. Two more immersions are scheduled for tomorrow’s Sabbath service and another on the 21st! We will not slow our efforts to reach out to the world in the time Almighty Yahweh gives us. Praise Him for His blessings as we teach His truths.


Commercial Kitchen Mostly Completed

We were successful in having most of the commercial kitchen usable by Tabernacles. Thanks to the hard work of Ryan Mansager, Chris Fouts, and James Duenow, the kitchen is now mostly finished. We are turning our attention now to discussions about future facility expansion to accommodate the growing numbers who are coming to Holts Summit to observe Yahweh’s Feasts. An essential part of that preparation is to increase our building fund. We will have more in future newsletters.


Bible Orders Continue Apace

Each day brings orders for the RSB 4th edition. Recently we filled bulk orders for 50 and more Bibles. A great way you can evangelize is to order extra copies to share with family and friends.  The Outreach (paperback) edition is affordable for anyone, and contains all the material found in the two other versions.



Who specifically was known by Yahweh before they were born? (Select 2 answers)

  1. Jeremiah, Paul, David
  2. Isaiah, John the Baptist, Levi
  3. A only
  4. B only
  5. None of these


Many in our culture treat abortion with little regard, arguing that the “fetus” is not a person until born. All life is sacred, including the life of the unborn child. The Scriptures show that Yahweh considers the unborn belonging to Him, and He even knows them in the womb. No one has the right to take life through abortion. The corresponding Scriptures for the two correct answers are:

  1. Jeremiah 1:5, Galatians 1:15-16, Psalm 139:13
  2. Isaiah 49:1, Luke 1:15, Levi, Hebrews 7:10


Please pray for us and our nation in these difficult times!

e-News 10/30/2020

We Are Back in Full Operation

After the week-long office shutdown for the Feast of Tabernacles followed by another Covid-cautious interruption, YRM is now back up to full throttle. We are holding in-person Sabbath services once more and all office operations are up and running. Thankfully, the Feast was free of any known illness and all who had contracted the virus afterward have reported have recovering or are in the final stages of recovery. Nearly all the positive cases reported mild symptoms similar to a weak flu or cold. Even those tagged “high risk” had few problems. Yahweh is good and watches over His people when we put Him first.

More Growth

Happy hearts and pristine weather characterized the Feast of Tabernacles 2020. We were at near capacity for lodging and dining, prompting a consideration of future ways to prepare for more expansion. Four individuals were immersed at the Feast, another two weeks later, and a likely sixth candidate this Sabbath. Praise Yahweh!

Holy Days in 2021
We have projected the Feast days for next year. You can find them at: https://yrm.org/2021-feast-dates/

Be aware that these days must be confirmed by the barley and new moon sightings.



How did the use of holy water become a practice of the Roman church?

A. It derived from the account of the Ethiopian’s baptism by Philip
B. It derived from the heathen ritual of personal cleansing before entering pagan temples
C. Yahshua sanctified the waters of Siloam before healing there

D. It was part of infant baptism rites first used at Alexandria, Egypt

Answer B.
“The use of holy water was introduced into the church by Alexander, a bishop of the church. He taught that the water for baptism must first be blessed and thus consecrated for religious purposes. This grew out of the practice of the heathen’s custom of dipping their hands in water and sprinkling it upon themselves as they entered the pagan temples. As paganistic ideas were introduced to the church, it became a custom to provide holy water for the use of the worshipers. Later holy water became connected with superstition. Marsilius Columna, the Archbishop of Salerno, attributed to holy water “the power to frighten away devils, to remit venial sins, to cure distraction, to elevate the mind and to dispose it to devotion.” This innovation was followed by others that were just as unscriptural.” – History of the Church by Robert H. Brumback

Win an RSB 4th Edition!

We are going to give away one FREE outreach bible! This bible will make a great addition to any bible students collection! It answers the tough questions that most churches refuse to answer!

To enter simply follow the instructions below!

Contest starts Friday October 30th and runs until Friday Nov 6th! So get your entries in! A winner will be randomly selected from all entrants.

E-news 10/1/2020

Last Minute FOT Information
Many are packing up and heading for YRM for an inspiring and exciting Feast of Tabernacles. Several are already here, helping out with the huge effort to get the facilities ready for eight days of joyful observance of this last appointed time of the year. Having only virtual observances of the previous feasts of 2020, we are anticipating a great time. All rooms in the activity center have been reserved, the camping area is nearly full, and tenting areas are being maximized. There are still motels in nearby Jefferson City and Fulton, and we encourage all who have not committed to come and honor Yahweh at His Feast.

We have a website showing the times we will be livestreaming daily. Click Here>>

You can also find the printable Feast calendar there listing all the planned activities for the week. Click Here>>




May Yahweh bless you and we hope to see you at the Feast!

Feast of Tabernacles 2020 Event Calendar

So, what’s happening this Feast of Tabernacles? Check out the list below! We will be livestreaming every day so please check the times and dates so you don’t miss anything.

The list of LIVE events will be as follows:

Day 1: Services @ 10:30 am

Day 2: Services @ 10:30 am

Day 3: Services @ 10:30 am

Day 4: Services @ 10:30 am / Outdoor Worship at 6:30 pm

Day 5: Teen led services @ 10:30 am

Day 6: Services @ 10:30 am

Day 7: Services @ 10:30 am / Night of special Music 6:30 pm

Last Great Day: Services @ 10:30 / Final Service @ 3:00 pm

All Live events can be watched at yrm.org/live!

e-News 9/19/2020

Trumpets New Moon Tonight
If confirmed, tonight’s new moon will mark the start of the seventh scriptural month and its feasts. We will have a live, outdoor new moon (Feast of Trumpets) service at 8 p.m. Central time and encourage all to watch for the crescent and report it on the new moon site if seen (https://yrm.org/new-moon-network/). The skies in the Midwest have been hazy for weeks because of the massive fires in California and other western states. This may make the crescent sighting more difficult even with otherwise clear skies. Technically, the crescent should be the easiest of the year to spot. It will be out for 70 minutes, 12 degrees high, 17 degrees south of the setting sun and 3.8% illuminated.

The Feasts Begin Under the Stars
Besides tonight’s outdoor new moon service, a double Sabbath/Trumpets service will be held outside tomorrow and we invite all to attend in person or to watch online. A high day offering will be taken as usual. We have also been working hard preparing the facilities for the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles, with 25 local volunteers attending a special work day Sunday to help get the grounds in top shape. Watch online HERE>>

Kitchen Addition in the Works
Construction continues on expanding the kitchen facilities. Two gas stoves, a double oven and fryer will be added, along with a recently installed, large exhaust hood. A door to the outside allows easy access to this part of the kitchen. The additional space should be partly functional by Tabernacles. We thank all who contributed to this much-needed expansion.

Jeremiah is considered one of the greatest prophets of the Bible. Which of the following about him is true?
A. He was ordained a prophet to the nations before he was born.
B. When formally called by Yahweh he declined, saying he was still a child (young man).
C. His prophecies can be challenging because they often lack chronological sequence.
D. The Book of Lamentations is attributed to Jeremiah.
E. None of these
F. All of these.
Jeremiah was shy and disposed to melancholy. That is one reason to believe that he wrote the Book of Lamentations (Lamentings) that directly follows Jeremiah. His character parallels Moses’ in his reluctance to take a leading role for Yahweh. As Moses taught the Hebrews in their first 40 years of national history, Jeremiah admonished them in the last 40 years. Answer: F