e-News 10/18/2019

New ‘Memories’ Video of the Feast of Tabernacles 2019
We have now posted video comments from some Feast attendees at the Holts Summit Feast of Tabernacles 2019. Impressions of those who came are inspiring and we pray will motivate others to make the commitment to Yahweh by observing His commanded Feasts. Vacationing with the brethren at Yahweh’s Feasts cannot compare with anything out in the world. As you enjoy the time of your life, take in the blessings that Yahweh has for you and your family. Discover eye-opening Truth that leads to salvation in a Kingdom-like atmosphere. Come and grow spiritually in the fellowship that can only be found among those of like faith. Check it out here>>

Unleavened Recipes Needed for 2020
With the Feasts of 2019 now past, we look forward to the Abib observances of 2020. Two of the sisters at Holts Summit have recognized the need for a booklet with good recipes for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. They have collected a few but need many more. If you have any you have used and found to be good, please send them in! The more they collect the better the recipe book will be. Postal mail or email them to: mail@yrm.org

What was the first infraction recorded in the Bible?

A – Touching of the forbidden fruit
B – Eating the forbidden fruit
C – Adding to the law
D – Nudity

In Eve’s conversation with the serpent, she declares that she was not allowed to touch the forbidden fruit (Gen 3:3). Yet no such command is recorded anywhere. Upon touching it, and seeing that nothing bad happen, she was likely emboldened to go the next step and eat it. It is not clear whether Eve created this command about touching the fruit, on the spot, or whether Adam instructed her in this way in order to put a hedge about the true command, which was simply to not eat of it (Gen 2:17). When people add to Yahweh’s law, it always creates false expectations and unseen consequences.

Answer: (C).

The wages of sin are always paid.

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