e-News 12/4/2020

Interest Culminates in Immersions
With half the world in shutdown, YRM continues unfazed and going forward full speed with the inspired Word. We put our faith and trust in Almighty Yahweh in all things, knowing He will hold each of us accountable for our commitment to Him, or lack thereof. He continues to bless this work of restoring Truth. Responses to our many avenues of outreach continue unabated.  If all goes as planned, we anticipate two more immersions this Sabbath. That brings the number of recent baptisms to 11, starting with those performed at Tabernacles in October.
Bundles of Joy at Holts Summit
We happily report two births at YRM since our last eNews. Abigail Cecil gave birth to Graeme Alexander on November 14. The healthy baby boy has daddy Lucas still on cloud nine. Danielle and Ian Frochtzweig report their new baby girl, Selah Isabell, was born into the world November 23.  We praise Yahweh for these healthy newborns and for His blessings on these families.
Feast 2021 Projections
The holy day dates we have projected for the 2021 Feasts won’t be confirmed until spring with the sighting of the Abib barley. There is a slight possibility the Feasts will be a month later. The 2021 projections are at: https://yrm.org/2021-feast-dates/
The following are the projected 2021 Feast dates if Abib is spotted early
Passover Memorial: March 27 (evening)
Feast of Unleavened Bread: March 29 – April 4
Feast of Weeks: May 23
Feast of Trumpets: September 8
Day of Atonement: September 17
Feast of Tabernacles: September 22-28
Last Great Day: September 29
While the above dates are predicted to be correct, there is a slight chance that Abib will fall later. In that case, the following dates will be used:
*Later 2021 Dates  (slight possibility for confirmation)
Abib: April 12th
Passover: April 25th (Evening)
FUB: April 27th – May 3rd
Feast of Weeks: June 20th
Trumpets: Oct 8th
Atonement: Oct 17th
Tabernacles: October 22rd – 28th
Last Great Day: Oct 29th
Which Old Testament prophet objected to a king’s disastrous treaty with an enemy, giving one of his sons the longest name in the Bible?
A.     Isaiah
B.     Ezekiel
C.     Daniel
D.     Amos
Faced with the threat of invasion by the combined forces of Israel and Syria, King Ahaz of Judah decided to make a treaty with Assyria. The prophet Isaiah objected and, in an unsuccessful attempt to convince Ahaz to trust Yahweh, gave the symbolic name Maher-shalal-hash-baz (incidentally, this longest biblical name means “the spoil speeds, the prey hastes”) to his own second or third son before the child’s conception. The treaty would be unnecessary, the name indicated, because the threat would soon end; Israel and Syria would be defeated and plundered before the prophet’s child learned to talk. And, indeed, Assyria crushed both of Judah’s northern neighbors in the Syro-Ephraimite War of 734 to732 BCE. Answer: A
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