e-News 4/17/2020

RSB 4th Edition Proof Copy Received
This week the printer sent us for review a proof “block” of the Restoration Study Bible, 4th edition. This newest version, which will be our last for a while, has many enhancements, improvements, and additions, as shown in a comparison chart in the March-April Restoration Times magazine, also available on our website. Even though our supply of the 3rd and all other editions is exhausted, we continue to get daily inquiries and orders for the RSB. We pray that the pandemic situation will not hinder the production of the new RSB. The projection for delivery of the Bible to Holts Summit, barring any unforeseen delays, is for early June. New additions can be seen here>>.
Gratifying Participation for Passover and FUB
The extraordinary Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread just observed was unlike any other with its social distancing, but still those who honored these moedim via our online worship report great blessings. More than 400 devices were connected to the Passover service electronically, and thousands more joined afterward through our many media platforms. With an average of two (or more) persons on a device, the involvement from around the world was a blessing. We were one of the few Sacred Name groups memorializing the Passover service this way and have since seen a significant uptick in inquiries to YRM from many who had not made contact with YRM previously. We continue to hold Sabbath services online and invite you to join us at 1:30 p.m. central at http://yrm.org/live/
When Yahweh called Jonah to go and warn Nineveh of their sins, what did Jonah do?
A.     He immediately agreed and left that night
B.     He went to a neighboring town down the Damascus road
C.     He booked passage on a ship sailing the other direction
D.     He joined Hosea prophesying at Cyprus
The following is from the Book of Jonah in the Complete Biblical Library: “Nineveh was approximately 500 miles east of Palestine. Jonah fled in precisely the opposite direction as he attempted to go to Tarshish—thought by many to be Tartessus in Spain. This was about 2,000 miles west of Palestine and one of the most western ports of call on the Phoenician sea trade routes.”
Answer: C
“The law doesn’t save you, I do,” says Yahweh. And who does Yahweh save? Those who obediently keep the law, Matthew 19:17. The law gives us direction in life. Without it life is aimless and bleak.
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