e-News 5/15/2020

Feast of Firstfruits in Two Weeks
Those on our regular mail list should soon receive a short study on Pentecost and its meaning. The Holy Spirit was made generally available on this Feast and the law was given at Mt. Sinai to Israel and all who would take hold of the covenant. As always, we will broadcast our twin services that weekend, both Sabbath and Pentecost, May 30 and 31.
New Moon May 23
Be sure to look for the new moon on May 23 and report it on our New Moon Network page if you sight it: https://yrm.org/new-moon-network . At 31 hours old and 11 degrees high, this new moon of the third month should not be difficult to see, weather permitting. Seven reported sighting the second-month new moon.
Who were the Samaritans and why did they and the Jews share a mutual animosity?
A. They were good people who always helped those suffering on roadsides
B. They were part of the 10 tribes looking to reunify with the two other tribes
C. They were transplants from other nations who settled north of Judah
D. They were those who had kind words for Yahshua and His message of hope
The Samaritans occupied the country formerly belonging to the tribe of Ephraim and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Their capital city was Samaria, which became the name of the country. When the northern ten tribes were carried away captive to Assyria, the king of Assyria sent people from Cutha, Ava, Hamath, and Sepharvaim to replace them (2 Kings 17:24; Ezra 4:2-11). These foreigners intermarried with those remaining of the ten tribes. The Samaritans embraced a religion that was a mixture of Judaism and idolatry (2Kings 17:26-28). Samaritans were generally considered “half-breeds” and were universally despised by the Jews. They resisted the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls under Nehemiah; they built their own temple in opposition to Zerubabbel’s Jerusalem Temple; outlaws from Judea were given sanctuary in Samaria; and the Samaritans acknowledged only the Torah and not the rest of Scripture. The Jews avoided them (John 4:9).
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