e-News 5/8/2020

Meeting the Way Yahshua Did
This Sabbath will be a first when we hold services in the sunny outdoors at our open-air amphitheater. We invite the local brethren to join in worship after many Sabbaths of quarantine watching online. The landscape at the back of the meeting hall makes an ideal place for gatherers, as they bring their Bibles and chairs. We will broadcast live as usual for others to join in remotely. This Sabbath’s message will be “Mysteries of the Temple, Ancient and Future.”

Donation Receipt and Letter in Mail
Those who sent in tithes and offerings in the first quarter of the year will soon receive a report of their giving. A donation letter will be included, giving a brief update of the work of YRM.

Major Milestone Is Reached in Outreach
We now have over 100,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel. This outlet has proved to be one of our most successful outreach media in our repertoire. We hear from many who say they first encountered YRM through YouTube videos. Check out our YouTube channel here!

In the millennial kingdom, what kind of tree will line both sides of the banks of the River of Life along its course from the temple to the Dead Sea?

A. The palm tree, which is prominent in Scripture
B. The sycamore tree for its shade
C. The eucalyptus tree for its healing qualities
D. Nonspecific fruit-bearing trees

All trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed; for they shall bear new crops every month. The fruit thereof shall be for meat [that is, food], and the leaf thereof for medicine. The tree of life itself will yield 12 kinds of fruit (Ezek. 47:7, 12; cf. Rev. 22:2) Answer: D

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