e-News 7/17/2020

Feast of Tabernacles Fast Approaching
With fewer than three months remaining until the Feasts of the seventh month, we pray you are making preparations to be with us for Tabernacles the evening of October 3-10 (depending on the new moon sighting). Only a handful of rooms remain in YRM’s recreation center. If you would like a room but have not registered, we suggest you act now! The local motel is closed, but other lodging is available in nearby Jefferson City.

If you have never kept the Feasts with us, make this the year to begin your walk of obedience, Leviticus 23:33-44. Above all, a Feast is a time to worship Almighty Yahweh (Lev. 23:1). There will be daily worship services along with a Bible study or two, an evangelism workshop, and introductory Hebrew class. For fellowship we plan an outdoor movie, sports events, river walk, bowling, hayride and wiener roast, ladies event, and much more. We will also hold a baptismal service for those seeking immersion into Yahshua’s Name. And don’t miss the traditional Night of Special Music where all can participate. You can register for Tabernacles at: https://yrm.org/feast-of-tabernacles-2020-registration/

RSB-4 Flying Out the Door
Hundreds of the fourth edition of the Restoration Study Bible were shipped this week. Phone and online orders are coming in daily, all day long. A group of believers in southern Missouri filled a pickup truck with more than 200 outreach paperback Bibles as part of their evangelism. Place your order online at: https://www.yrmstore.org/

King Ahaziah, son of wicked Ahab and Jezebel, fell through an upper window in his palace in Samaria. Severely injured, he sent messengers to inquire of which pagan deity for healing?
A. Dagon
B. Baal-zebub
C. Mot
D. Molech
Baal-zebub (literally “lord of flies”) was a god of Ekron. He may have appeared as a fly; used flies as his messengers; or, more probably, was believed to control the breeding of flies. In the New Testament (spelled Beelzebub) he is regarded as a prince of demons (Matt. 12:24; Luke 11:15). The reason given for Ahaziah’s impending death was that he had sought help from a heathen idol and not Yahweh (2Kings 1:3, 16). Answer: B

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3 years ago

will there be a mask mandate and social distancing government mandates?