New YRM Publishing Computer

YRM produces a lot of content. Videos, magazines, booklets and more. The Apple computer that handles the publication side of things is getting old (11 years!) and is not able to be upgraded anymore. It has been an absolute workhorse, but it is time to retire it. It is no longer able to update software etc... And it is becoming increasingly difficult to use.


We are opting to replace it with an Apple laptop that is capable of doing all the publication work and some light video editing while also giving us the freedom to use it remotely if needed.


Nearly everything you have seen in the past 11 years from YRM has been developed using this computer. So we are asking for your help to get this replaced. We are looking at a total cost of around $4,500 and with your help we are hoping to get this computer replaced so we can continue to produce and publish content without interruption.


Reminder, all donations are tax deductible!

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