Pagan Trinity Exposed

Is the Trinity doctrine in the Bible? Why do Christians believe in a Trinity? Lets take a clear and unbiased look at the Bible and Christian history. The Pagan Trinity Exposed.

  • The word “Trinity” and its concept is absent from the Old and New testaments.
  • The notion of the Trinity is not new, but goes back to the start of civilization.
  • The Trinity doctrine was not firmly established until over 300 years after the Messiah.
  • The codification of the Trinity was motivated from political pressure.
  • The Father is greater and superior to the Son.
  • The Holy Spirit represents the power of the Father, not a third of a Trinity.
  • The Father and Son are not one in being, but one in mind and goal
  • While the Messiah is not eternal, He preexisted as the active Word, i.e., logos.

As mankind ponders the nature of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it’s important that we study and confirm the truth behind this crucial subject. This begins by letting go of preconceived thoughts and biases and acknowledging the pages of Scripture as the sole source of authority. Only through a forthright look at the Word can we decipher and break through 2,000 years of man’s tradition.

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