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With the rise of social distancing YRM is actively looking for more ways to engage our members even if they are sitting at home! To do this we are going to start implementing a new feature in several of our sermons.

Poll Everywhere is an easy to use polling/quiz app that will allow you to participate right from your Phone or computer LIVE in real time. We hope this allows our viewers the ability to learn the word while having fun at the same time!

There are 3 way to participate in the Poll everywhere surveys.

1. From a computer: Go to the following link www.pollev.com/yrmsurvey633 and join in by filling out your name

2. By text: from your phone text yrmsurvey633 to 22333 (see screenshots below)

Step oneStep two 
Once you have sent the text, you will receive a conformation message and then you will simply text your answers!

3.With the Poll everywhere app: (recommended): Start by downloading the app from either the Apple app store or the Google play store.

If You have an iPhone – Apple App store link

If you have an Android – Google Play link

Once you download the app and open it you will be asked to put in your first name. After that you will be asked to join a presentation.

Simply click the “Join a presentation” window and type in yrmsurvey633. (Final presentation URL should look like this: Pollev.com/yrmsurvey633)

Once that is done you should be able to participate in the active survey and in future surveys.

For future surveys you should be able to select the YRM survey from a section titled “recent presentations” so you will not have to re-enter any information.

We hope you enjoy this fun feature!

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