Where is the Real Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

Where is the real temple mount location in Jerusalem where Solomon originally build the first temple and where the Tabernacle was located? Was the temple located on the Haram Al-Sharif under the Dome of the Rock? Where is the real temple mount? Is the temple located in the City of David? Does the Gihon Spring give us a cue to it’s location? What about the excavated area known as the Millo (fill), does this give us a clue? What about Fortress Antonia? Where did the tenth Roman legion of 10,000 soldiers live? Does the writings of Josephus help us on our quest? Is the model located in the Israel Museum even close to accurate or was Fort (Fortress) Antonia actually located on the Harem Al-Sharif? Don takes us on a visual tour from the Mount of Olives and discusses the evidence for the real temple location that was first popularized by Dr. Ernest Martin. As Bible prophecy comes alive, the key to the Temple location is incredibly important to building a final temple. Join Pastor Randy Folliard and Elder Don Esposito on this fascinating video tour of the real temple mount.


Also, watch Pastor Randy’s two-part sermon delivered live during the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles examining the evidence for the temple being located within the city of David and not on today’s traditional Temple Mount.

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5 years ago

Place preyers for jose maria yaya and luis