Remembering the Feast of Tabernacles 2017

Out of 18 years of Feast observances, this was the first year YRM observed the Feast of Tabernacles at our home facilities in Holts Summit, Missouri. From all accounts, it was a tremendous blessing and success. Many commented on how they enjoyed the many in-depth messages, the activities, and the several meals that the Ministry provided. A first-time Feastgoer with YRM commented that this was their best Feast in 32 years of Feast-keeping. In addition to being our largest Feast to-date, we had 24 states represented, including: Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Tennessee, Minnesota, Alabama, California, Ohio, Washington, Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Colorado, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We also had brethren join us from Canada, Nigeria, and Kenya. One of the highlights was the eight baptisms that we were blessed to witness, including a husband and wife from Nigeria.  If you were unable to join us this year, we invite you to next year’s Feast. It will again be held at our home facilities and will be from the evening of September 24 – October 2. Below are a few personal testimonies from those who joined us:

“My very first Feast of Tabernacles has got me feeling very emotional with tears in my eyes. I met so many wonderful people at YRM, plus I got baptized into the name of Yahshua. I fell in love with the people who were filled with genuine love for the brethren and I must say that leaving the Feast felt like I was leaving my family behind. The emotions I feel are unexplainable, this to me is one of my highlights of the feast, to be surrounded with people who are genuinely serving and seeking Yahweh. I look forward to next year’s FOT, as I long to spend time with all my new brothers and sisters again in the faith.” – EO, Nigeria

“I loved the feast this year! Where else can you find spiritual messages, abundant, and good food, amazing fellowship, nightly campfires, and just a lot of fun and laughter? The feast at YRM! I personally connected with new friends and felt very blessed to have had that experience.” – GB, Missouri

“This year’s FOT at YRM was awesome. The part I loved most was the way my grandchildren responded. They had a great time. They were all excited to participate in whatever came up. My eldest even sang on stage. That was thrilling. None of them wanted to leave.” – DG, Texas

“The feast was awesome this year! Met new people and played some games. One of the best parts of the Feast was being able to watch my kids play and make new friends. Also was able to spend time with the family. Praise Yahweh for all things!” – MM, Missouri

“Really enjoyed the feast this year. I believe it was the best ever. Wonderful messages, wonderful fellowship. Could not ask for better food. Very positive atmosphere, the whole feast. Made some new friends from other countries. The motel folks were so friendly. I hope to attend many more. I found out that flying was easier on these old bones, hope I can continue. May Yahweh bless all.” – HB, Alabama

“A truly awesome Feast of Tabernacles! This was the first time YRM hosted Yahweh’s Feast of Tabernacles in Holts Summit MO. If something was missing, it sure wasn’t obvious. The people who are local to the assembly worked extremely hard to make everything enjoyable. Many others volunteered to provide necessary support. It’s a blessing to serve.” – RT, Canada

“We are truly blessed to have YRM in our life. This was only our third Feast of Tabernacles and they keep getting better. The love and fellowship that is shared by all is a life-altering experience. Thank you to all for all your wonderful messages and work that you do. May Yahweh continue to bless each and every one of you.” – MM, Michigan

“My favorite part of the Feast was witnessing the family-like environment and the many who joined us from throughout the nation and abroad, including from Kenya and Nigeria! It was a wonderful Feast with many memorable moments. The messages, fellowship, food, and activities were phenomenal!” – RF, Missouri

“As this was my very first feast, what a privilege it was to honor our Heavenly Father in such a way that involved fellowship and family. Such a blessing I will never forget! Thank you YRM for hosting this special appointment! May Yahweh continue to bless the work you do.” – CF, Virginia

“YRM did an awesome job!!! Many thanks for all your hard work and willingness to serve the brethren!” – LA, Missouri

“It was the best Feast our family has had yet. Looking forward to the next!” VA, Missouri

“A wonderful Feast for sure! Thank you to all at YRM for your hospitality and hard work!” – AK, Iowa

““It feels like home,” one Feast-keeper said of our first Tabernacles observance at our facility in Holts Summit. “It is so convenient to get here, less than two miles from town, and yet we are still in the wilderness,” a brother added. “I love that my offerings will be used right here and not go to some other camp,” a sister said. As we plan improvements to make future Feasts even better, we are grateful for the many who came and who made Tabernacles 2017 the success it was. Surely Yahweh was pleased. – AM, Missouri

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