Restoration Study Bible Reviews

Restoration Study Bible Reviews“It is a wonderful study Bible and the cover is such a nice leather.” -ND

“As a Study Bible this one is TOP NOTCH!, Love the study helps located in convenient places throughout the text. Very clean text, and is set up nice.” – Anonymous

“Really like this Bible. As stated great study Bible would recommend to anyone looking for a good study Bible. And it’s well made and easy to carry for the size.” – JS

“Quite simply the best Bible version on the market. They have returned God’s name “Yahweh” to the text and added Strong’s numbers throughout for study.” – RM

“I’d like to express my joy thanks for having purchased the Restoration Study Bible. I am thrilled with the wealth of information it contains. I am learning things about the history of the correct Hebrew understanding of the names for G-d.” – JM

“Simply the best study bible I’ve ever owned! I also like many of the notes he adds about Hebrew culture and history.” – MB

“The Bible shipped out very quickly and I actually received it the same day that it was shipped (praise Yahweh!), just when I really, really needed it for I have not been so well. Now I am a Roman Catholic, and I too seek the fullness of truth about our Creator and our role as His creation, made in His image and likeness. I wanted a Bible that without any question is completely reliable and authoritative. I do have the “Book of Yahweh” published by HOY on my Kindle, but this Bible is free of any man-made doctrines. It is based on the KJV with the Sacred Names finally restored, and includes invaluable and authoritative study helps such as Strong’s Concordance. I am just beginning my study of the RSB now as I write this, but if I could only have one Bible then this would be it. It sheds light on my own faith and I believe great things are going to come out of it. The seller (YRM) is extremely courteous and I strongly recommend these Scriptures if you are in search for that right Bible.” – MI

“Growing up, I was raised Catholic. I never knew the name of Yahweh and didn’t understand many things found in the bible. My friend took me to her non-denominational church, and I never turned back. I love the features of saying “Yahweh and Elohim” instead of the lies I’ve been shown growing up. There’s also a small notes section in the back of the bible, if one desires to use it for note taking. – JO

I have a lot to learn but this is a wonderful place to begin. I am being blessed daily as I study.” – JO

“Adore this book!! It makes scripture come alive and I love the fact I can look in the back to see what a word means in the text it was written.. Love, love, love this Bible.” – EA

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