Restoration Times July – August 2021

In this issue of the Restoration Times we discuss:

• Fruits of the Spirit – Meekness

• Thy Kingdom Come

• From Stones to Bones

• Q&A

• Letters

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William Niles
William Niles
2 years ago

Shalom, I have read the Restoration Magazine and noticed in your question from readers regarding who were the sons of Elohim that you say these were not angels. I believe this teaching is extremely erroneous in many ways. You claim the the sons of Elohim in Job 1:6 and 2:1 cannot be angels because the Angels are always before the presence of Elohim. If that is the case, then can you please explain why Zecharian 6:1-5 clearly speaks of the 4 spirits who ‘come forth AFTER PRESENTING THEMSELVES before Elohim of all the land.’ This is clearly an Angel who… Read more »

Alan Sims
Alan Sims
Reply to  William Niles
2 years ago

I haven’t read this issue of Restoration Times, but if you’re speaking of the sons of Elohim in Bereshiyt/Genesis 6, they’re not malachim/angels. First off, how could an angel impregnate a human female? Only the sperm from a human male could do that. Also search the Gospels, Messiah Yeshua ( yes, His name is Yeshua which is Hebrew for SALVATION)Yes, Messiah Yeshua says that in the Kingdom of YHVH, we will be like the heavenly angels, who neither marry or are given in marriage. So, if angels cannot marry and these sons of Elohim are TAKING WIVES….GETTING MARRIED, how can… Read more »