Yehovah Booklet

“Yehovah Deception” Booklet

Our Yehovah Deception article is now available in booklet format and free of charge upon request. In this booklet we dispel the pronunciation “Yehovah” that is gaining popularity within the Hebrew Roots and Messianic movements. We explain the origins of this counterfeit along with several contradictions. For example, that while many advocates of “Yehovah” will point out that this pronunciation is found within Masoretic manuscripts (9th century and later), they will not share that many other pronunciations are also found within these same documents, including:  “Yehwah,” “Yehowah,” “Yehowih,” Yehuwih,” “Yehowih,” and “Yehwih.” Another oversight with this hybrid is the fact that the Masoretes used not only the vowel points from Adonai to conceal the true pronunciation of Yahweh, but also did the same with the vowel points from Elohim. In addition to dispelling the myth of Yehovah, we also show scholarly evidence for “Yahweh” from multiple sources and hundreds of years before any manuscripts with “Yehovah.”

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