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Feast of Weeks May 12

The Feast of Weeks or Pentecost will be observed this weekend on May 12 at Holts Summit. We will have two inspiring days of spiritual uplift and learning. Both messages Sabbath and Pentecost will be broadcast live (1:30 pm Central). Come join others of like faith for a weekend that only Yahweh can give as we obey His command in this third moed of the year.


Now Accepting  2019 FOT Reservations

We also invite you to the 2019 Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)
celebration from the evening of September 15th through September 21th (based on the new moon crescent, it may be observed a day earlier). This important event will be observed in Holts Summit, Missouri, at YRM’s facilities. Reservations are coming in, so reserve your room now.  Watch a video tour of the activity/lodging center by Bro. Lucas Cecil at https://yrm.org/tabernacles-2019.  You will also find a Feast schedule and registration form at this URL.


Kitchen Expansion Fund Needs Your Help

Renovation continues on our kitchen facility at Holts Summit, estimated at a cost of $13,000. We are doing nearly all the work ourselves as we try to economize.  The project will double our kitchen space

for Feasts, weekly Sabbaths and other events.



When the Jewish nation is first mentioned in the Bible, what are they doing?


A – Receiving the Law

B – Celebrating the Old Covenant

C – Wandering in the Desert

D – Fighting a war with Israel


Israel was originally a confederation of twelve tribes. After the death of Solomon, the harsh-speaking Rehoboam came to power. Ten Northern tribes of Israel broke away in revolt while the southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin remained under the leadership of Judah, where Rehoboam remained King (1Kings 12:21). These became known as “The Jews.” A civil war for unification broke out, which was halted only at the command of Yahweh’s prophet (1Kings 12:22-24). From this point forward, “Israel” and “Judah” have parallel but separate histories in the Bible.

Answer: D


“True worship is not about you, it’s about Him.”

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