YRM E-News March 1, 2019

E-news, March 1, 2019
Passover and Feasts Calendar
We will know by the projected March 7 new moon whether Passover this year will fall on March 20 or April 15 and will announce it in next week’s E-news and online. We observe the start of the biblical year by a specifically defined stage of ripening barley in Israel, called Abib, which was also the name of the month Yahweh established in Exodus 9:31-32 for the Passover. Abib is defined by agriculture and Israel was an agricultural nation. Deuteronomy 16:1 says that Abib is the month to keep Passover. There, “Observe the month of Abib” and keep the Passover, literally reads, “Watch for the new moon of young ears of grain.” Yahweh is specific about when His Feasts occur in the calendar for proper observance. It is popularly assumed that Passover must fall in the astronomical spring because of Leviticus 23:4, where the KJV uses the term seasons. However, “seasons” is from moed in Hebrew and means appointed time, as rightly translated in the NIV Study Bible, Revised Standard Version and others. Establishing Abib is critical not only for Passover but also as the first month of the year it also sets the month for each of the annual Feasts that follow.

Let us know if you spot the new moon the evening of March 7. You can make a report on the New Moon Network under Feasts at yrm.org. For those planning to come for Passover we have numerous rooms available at this time in the recreation center. Also, America’s Best Value Inn is only 2 miles away in Holts Summit. For more information call: 573-896-1000.

Outreach Continues Remarkable Growth
Yahweh is blessing our outreach through the mobile app and yrm.org website. Since it took flight a month ago, our app has more than 800 subscribers. Our YouTube channel has logged a half million minutes of program viewing by 75,000 subscribers in the past 28 days. Since launching the app we also have added 500 subscribers to our Roku channel.

Ark of the Covenant Model
Our thanks to Bro. Gary Mansager for his laborious work assembling a beautiful, life-size model of the Ark of the Covenant! It will be used as a prop in the TV studio for future videos.

Going Back to Molech
Recent news reports on legislation in New York state, Virginia, and now Illinois push the limits on abortion to further liberalize standing statutes on this national atrocity. We as a nation are following the lead of the Canaanites who sacrificed their children to their idol Molech, as one in four women in America will have an abortion by age 45, with 60 percent being mothers. In 2014 we sat down in the YRM TV studios for three interviews with the president of the National Right to Life Committee to discuss the abortion tragedy. You can find them under a YouTube search: Abortion Facts – National Right to Life, Carol Tobias.

What Feasts are mentioned by name in the New Testament?
A. Feast of Unleavened Bread, Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), Feast of Tabernacles
B. Day of Atonement, Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), Feast of Tabernacles
C. Feast of Unleavened Bread, Day of Atonement, Feast of Trumpets
D. Passover, Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), Feast of Trumpets

While the Passover is mentioned, it’s technically not a Feast but a memorial as work is not prohibited on Passover day. We find a reference to the Day Atonement in Acts 27:9, where it calls it the “fast.” While the Feast of Trumpets is not indicated by formal name, it is likely found prophetically through Yahshua’s Second Coming (1Thes. 4:16-18). The following Feasts are mentioned by name in the New Testament: Feast of Unleavened Bread (Matt. 26:17; Mark 14:1; Luke 22:1; Acts 12:3; 20:6), Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) (Acts 2:1; 20:16; 1Cor. 16:8) and Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:2).

Answer A

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