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Sacred Name Flags.

We have received many requests for info on the flags that stand behind the pulpit bearing Yahweh and Yahshua’s name. Brother Ryan Mansager designed these and we want to make them available to the public. We used www.flags.com to make them and all you need to do is use the custom flag maker tool on their website. Just click request a quote and fill out the information and upload the artwork and they will give you a price.

So feel free to download these graphics and use them. Obviously, if you do not want to use www.flags.com and you know of another site that you want to use, feel free. Both .EPS and .PNG files will be provided. (Some sites requires different file types.)

(YRM will not be trouble shooting problems you might encounter while doing this. The folks who make the flags will be the ones to reach out to.)

Flag Onedrive>>

For more info on why we use Yahweh’s name, please check out this free booklet: Your Fathers Name.

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3 years ago

Awesome! Baruch HaShem. Amen.