e-News 4/3/2020

Join Our Passover Service April 7 at Sunset
We will be broadcasting services on Passover and the High days and Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Our live stream can be found on yrm.org/live, as well as on Facebook, Youtube, Roku and on our mobile app. Those unable to link up with one of them can view a Passover service guide Here>>.
Remove Leavening, Eat the Unleavened
For the Feast of Unleavened Bread (April 9-15), we are commanded to remove leavening and leavened products by Passover. A list of leavening agents is at:
https://yrm.org/leavening-agents/. Unleavened bread is to be eaten with meals each day during the Feast. A recipe book for unleavened bread and delights is also on our site.
https://yrm.org/unleavened-recipes/ April 9 and 15 are high Sabbath days when no work or commerce is to be done.
YRM is committed to getting Yahweh’s Word out no matter what our current circumstances.
March-April Restoration Times Now in the Mail 
The latest edition of the magazine covers: the annual Feasts, firstfruits of the resurrection, fruit of the Spirit, Easter, and more. If you aren’t reading a paper copy, you can find it at https://yrm.org/restoration-times-march-april/ or on our app.
A Fun Way to Help You Learn 
With the rise of social distancing YRM is looking for more ways to engage our members and viewers even if they are sitting at home. To do this we are implementing a new feature in several of our sermons. Poll Everywhere is an easy-to-use polling/quiz app that will allow you to participate right from your phone or computer, LIVE – in real time. We hope this allows our viewers an entertaining way to learn the Word.
There are 3 ways to participate in the Poll Everywhere surveys:
1. From a computer: Go to the following link www.pollev.com/yrmsurvey633 and join in by filling out your name
2. By text: From your phone text yrmsurvey633 to 22333 (see screenshots below)
Step one – Step two. Once you have sent the text, you will receive a confirmation message to begin simply texting your answers.
3. With the Poll everywhere app: (recommended): Start by downloading the app from either the Apple app store or the Google play store.
If You have an iPhone – Apple App store link
If you have an Android – Google Play link
Once you download the app and open it you will be asked to enter your first name. Then you will be asked to join a presentation.
Simply click the “Join a presentation” window and type in yrmsurvey633. (Final presentation URL should look like this: Pollev.com/yrmsurvey633)
Once that is done you should be able to participate in the active survey and in future surveys.
For future surveys you should be able to select the YRM survey from a section titled “recent presentations” so you will not need to re-enter any information.
We hope you enjoy this fun feature!
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