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Holts Summit Sabbath Fellowship

Holts Summit Sabbath Fellowship

Holts Summit Sabbath FellowshipJoin our Holts Summit Sabbath Fellowship in mid-Missouri, near Jefferson City and Columbia. For those not familiar with Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry, we are an assembly with strong family values and with an uncompromising stand on the Bible. We believe in harmonizing the Old and New testaments and teach the true Name of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh. We also proclaim the Son, who was originally named Yahshua, a name that means “Yahweh is salvation.” The Savior’s mission is reflected in His Name–to bring the message of salvation to earth. We look to our Savior for salvation, realizing that only through Him do we find redemption and forgiveness of sins. We also observe the seven annual Feast days, along with the seventh-day Sabbath. If you earnestly desire the truth of the Word and not man’s traditions, we welcome you.

About Us and Our Location

Our Holts Summit Sabbath Fellowship is located outside of  the city limits in a beautiful rural setting. The ministry sits on 5 acres of wooded property off of a blacktop county road 1.5 miles from Highway 54.  We have our own campground for tenting and RVs. We currently have 6 full RV hookups and multiple tenting sites with power. If you are interested in camping please call the ministry (see below). Our 16,000 square foot complex houses our ministry offices, TV studio, sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, library, conference room and more. For dining we can seat 106 inside our fellowship hall and 80+ outside on our verandas and courtyard.

What Is a Typical Sabbath Like?

Our Sabbath day consists of a Bible study starting at 11:30am (children’s class starts at this time as well), services at 1:30 pm and a communal meal following the service approx. 3:30pm (don’t forget to bring something kosher). After the meal brethren fellowship for several hours. Many brethren remain here until around the end of Sabbath. The environment is very friendly and laid back. We have been blessed with a large number of children. If you will be bringing children with you, the family friendly environment will sure to be a delight.

What Should I Do?

To ensure that all is done decently and in order (1Cor. 14:40) please respect our beliefs and present any opposing beliefs only to a minister. Only modest dress honorable to Yahweh is acceptable. This means at least a dress shirt for men and either dresses or loose-fitting slacks for women. All women will be expected to wear a head covering during worship services and Bible studies, 1Corinthians 11.Ministry, please abide by our guidelines. If you have a day in mind you would like to visit,  give us a call at 573-896-1000 and let us know you are coming and any special arrangements you or your family may need. If you are seeking baptism on your visit we will need to schedule a counseling session with Elder Alan Mansager or Pastor Randy Folliard.

For More Information

To learn more, please contact the Ministry toll free at 844-899-6438 or view our Plan a Visit page. Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry is located at 11608 County Road 4031, Holts Summit, MO.

Holts Summit, Missouri, is near the following cities:

Jefferson City, MO
Columbia, MO
New Bloomfield, MO
Ashland, MO
Boonville, MO
Fulton, MO
California, MO
Tipton, MO
Eldon, MO
Osage Beach, MO
Lake Ozark, MO
Camdenton, MO
Westphalia, MO
Linn, MO
Huntsdale, MO
Chamois, MO
Kingdom City, MO
Mexico, MO
New Florence, MO
Tascumbia, MO
Meta, MO
Vienna, MO
Belle, MO
Hallsville, MO
Montgomery City, MO
High Hill, MO
Springfield, MO

See our other Sabbath locations.

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Pastor Randy

If you are seeking the truth of the Bible, we invite you to our Sabbath services every Saturday at 1:30 pm in Holts Summit, MO. I know that you will be blessed through the service, music, and family fellowship. You can also watch the service live online at http://yrm.org/live. May Yahweh bless!

It’s a nice place to be an visit. There is a calm about the place, aside from children being children. The people there want to be there and no one seems to think themselves any better. The wealth of knowledge they both know and have at hand is astounding and for some it can be intimidating. Please don’t let that stop you. These people care about and have invested in the truth and change. I wouldn’t say this bunch is either inflexible or stagnant. They don’t seem the type to to flatter to get on your good side for numbers… Read more »

Great messages. Good food and fellowship. My kids also love going to the kids class before services and getting to play with their peers afterwards. It’s a family oriented environment and I would encourage you to come check it out!


This is a dedicated group of believers who are following the truth of the Bible. If you live close enough to attend the Sabbath services make the effort, I know that you will be richly blessed. Living in Colorado I am not able to visit YRM in person as often as I would like to, even though I listen to the online services and feel very much a part of the fellowship, there is nothing like being there in person!

Chris A

Great place to visit! Staff and Ministers are very helpful.

Jim amd Freda

We do not live close enough to attend every Sabbath but do look forward to attending whenever we can. The truth of Yahweh’s Word is being taught at YRM.
Also, dearly love the people who teach and the members there.
You will receive a blessing by listening to the teachings, attending and/or becoming a member of YRM.


Excellent messages, uplifting music and wonderful fellowship. Sabbath is truly a blessing.

Mike and Sandy

When we come for the Feast it feels like coming home to our family ( we like this one). Brothers and Sisters we Love them all. It is great to be around like minded believers. Great bible studies and we love singing To Yahweh. And the messages I write down all the verses and study them through the week.

Joan Bonnin

I have been truly blessed to have found this site and all the assemblies of Yahweh. I’ve learned much more about acceptable worship to Yahweh, which had been my prayer for years, being confused with so many opposing views about our Savior and the Father and which way I should turn. I have been satisfied and feel comfortable and more confident in His Love since studying with Yahweh Restoration Ministries. They have a very organized website with any thing you need to further your knowledge and understanding using only the Bible as their proofs. I really appreciate that.

Deborah Reed

It is so satisfying to fellowship with like believers each Sabbath. Each week I look forward to our Sabbath rest, studying His word, praying and singing praises to Yahweh, and eating our Sabbath meal together. We are always delighted to welcome new visitors who are searching for truth.

Michael B

Expect to be challenged. The weekly congregational meetings have struck a lovely balance between instruction, worship, prayer and singing. Biblically sound, and a lively sense of order, while remaining down-to-earth and friendly. But don’t expect the sweet apple-pie experience.

Bob Saforek
If you are looking for real Biblical truths as I was you have found the right place. The Pastors as well as many of those who assemble here on the Sabbath and during the annual feasts are very well versed in the Holy scriptures, and they also use the sacred names of the Heavenly Father revealed in ancient Hebrew scroll’s as well as the Sacred name of his son our Messiah and soon coming king. (both unknown to most). The people here are kind and humble as well as a pleasure to gather and fellowship with. I have to concur… Read more »
Jose M Gonzalez

Where do I start? The ministers have years of knowledge in the scriptures not tradition. In my 13 years of fellowship they continue to make more disciples as instructed by Yahshua. The bond of family and obedience to YAHWEH is priority and mavericks don’t stand a chance here. May Yah continue His blessings on this body of believers!

Devin M.
I found YRM when searching online for groups a few years ago, that feel importance in the Father & Sons names. Since then I have been excited to join online for Sabbath services and even attend 3 Feast of Tabernacles with YRM, because I know this is one of the few congregations where I can expect to hear great thought provoking material on every visit. I was tiring of the feel good sermons given by most C.O.G. ministers. I feel engaged and challenged by YRM’s style of teaching, and the online video and text answers are so helpful in occasions… Read more »

Enjoy hearing the truth biblically and the fellowship it feels good to belong to like minded believers.

Ed and Loretta

We moved to Holts summit in January 2016 just so we could be close enough to go to Sabbath services each week. We Love it here and the ministers and brethren are our family! Great teaching and Wonderful fellowship!