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Ministry News for February 23, 2018

New Moon Confirmed
The new moon of the 12th month was sighted on February 16. The critical new moon of the first biblical month is scheduled to be seen the evening of March 18. Below is additional information.

  • Sunset: 7:18 pm
  • Moonset: 8:38 pm
  • Moon age: 35 hours
  • Moon elevation: 14.3 degrees
  • Degrees from sun: 9.3 degrees
  • Illumination: 3%

Countdown to Passover
With only five weeks remaining, we warmly invite you to this year’s Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread in Holts Summit from the evening of March 31 – April 8. Those who partake of the Passover emblems must be baptized into “Yahshua’s” name by an ordained minister, which, for those interested, we can provide on the Sabbath before the Passover. These observances promise to be a blessing for all in attendance. We have scheduled several worship services, Bible workshops, and activities, including roller skating, bingo, board games, an afternoon on the Katy Trail, open gym time, and several group meals. Register Now >>

Building Update
Midwest HVAC has completed the heating / cooling for the lower level of our multipurpose building. Ryan Mansager, Lucas Cecil, and James Duenow have also made considerable progress on the plumbing and electrical. In addition, Ed Thomson, Gary Hornickel, and Deacon Steven Reed have continued work on the fabrication of the bunk beds and have made headway insulating the lower five rooms. It is our hope to complete the communal bathrooms and the five lower rooms by Passover and to have both levels complete by the Feast of Tabernacles. This will provide communal bathrooms and kitchen space along with 26 private rooms. We are currently running low on funding and will need to begin pulling money from other areas to complete this effort. Please consider donating toward this project. To learn more, visit our Building Fund page.

Recent Q&A
Did Yahshua eat the Passover and is the Passover observed on Abib 14 or 15?
Should we eat a Passover dinner (Seder) along with the Passover emblems?
Why do you begin the biblical year with the barley and not the equinox?

Recent Videos
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Two Roads to Salvation?

Prayer List
View prayer list >>


Which of the apostles had a name connected with horses?

A. John
B. Peter
C. Simon
D. Philip


The name Philip is often rendered “lover of horses.” According to an online source, Philip derives, “From the Greek name Φιλιππος (Philippos) which means ‘friend of horses’, composed of the elements φιλος (philos) ‘friend, lover’ and ‘ιππος (hippos) ‘horse’. This was the name of five kings of Macedon, including Philip II the father of Alexander the Great. The name appears in the New Testament belonging to two people who are regarded as saints. First, one of the twelve apostles, and second, an early figure in the Christian church known as Philip the Deacon,” behindthename.com.


Correct: D


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