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Ministry News for July 7, 2018

Major YouTube Milestone

As an outreach ministry, our main focus has always been evangelism. One of our main sources of outreach is YouTube. Recently we hit a major milestone, surpassing 61,000 subscribers with over 9 million total views. YRM has also expanded to Roku, AppleTV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire. Since inception, we’ve garnered over 1.8 million views from these additional platforms, mostly from Roku. We thank Yahweh for his blessings and awesome provision in allowing us to reach so many with the truth.

Progress on Activities Building

We continue to make excellent progress on our activities building. With more than 25 volunteers this last week, we were able to paint nearly all the upstairs of our activities building. This includes 22 rooms and several hallways. In addition to adult volunteers many of our youth also helped in this endeavor. While we are ahead of schedule, there remains much work to be done. We are receiving bids to carpet the upstairs. Also, our team of brethren is working on the electrical and will be staining the concrete floors on the lower levels in the coming days. This will allow them to finish the communal bathrooms and kitchen. To learn how to help or to see recent photos, please visit our online building donation page.

Feast of Tabernacles Invitation

We warmly invite you to this year’s Feast of Tabernacles in Holts Summit, Missouri. Along with daily worship services and several Bible workshops, we have many activities planned for young and old, including: roller skating, volleyball, bingo, Hebrew dancing, puppet show, bounce house, and more. As for lodging, we have one remaining dorm room in our new activities building and several electric-only tent sites. If you are interested in a dorm room, we encourage you to register soon. Because these rooms are limited, they are available only to those who plan to observe all eight days of the Feast with YRM. There is also one hotel, America’s Best Value Inn, in Holts Summit, two miles from the Assembly. This Feast promises to be a blessing and a taste of the Kingdom. Don’t delay, register today. For more information, visit https://yrm.org/tabernacles-2018.

Prayer List

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What is Docetism?

A. The belief that the Father and Son are one in essence.
B. The belief that the Son’s human form was only an illusion.
C. The belief that the Son came to impart secret knowledge.
D. The belief that the Father was a wicked and lesser G-d.


Docetism was a theological controversy in the early church. The word docetism comes from the Greek dokeĩn (to seem) and dókēsis (apparition, phantom). It’s a belief that Yahshua’s human form was only an illusion. Followers of docetism rejected Yahshua’s humanity and the notion that He suffered on the tree. This belief was rejected and deemed heretical at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE.


Correct: B

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