Restoration Times March – April – 2015

march-april-2015-restoration-times-magazineIn this issue of Restoration Times we cover:

• Unlocking the future in Passover and Unleavened Bread

• Hijacking the holy days

• Our new testament Hebrew roots

•The significant seven

•In Yahweh we trust

•In search of the scriptural Easter

• Questions and answers

• Third edition RSB info

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Restoration Times January – February – 2015

january-february-2015-restoration-times-magazineIn this issue of Restoration Times we cover:

• Modern worship has lost it’s way
• Succeeding as a believer
• Rearing righteous children
• The spirit world explained
• Are you immortal?
• Give thanks
• Questions and answers
• 3rd edition RSB info
• Letters

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